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When working with Microsoft Word, you may often need to employ resources such as data tables, templates, emoticons, and so on. Rather than using built-in resources, the client sought to create a bespoke plug-in that could offer a variety of customized templates, emojis, and unique data tables to utilize in the file fitting exactly with industry rules. Developing such solution without affecting quality and consistency was quite a challenge for the developers.

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Features in the solution –

  • Document format

    1. SOPs It enables the use of necessitated functions, sets the page margins, and inserts paginations into the footer.
    2. Edit header and footer In-built control that edits the header and footer of the whole document.
  • Table of contents This control is completely the same as in the References tab, but it’s taken here for your convenience.

  • Structure

    1. Insert table It allows you to use multiple table formats with some instructions and provides tips to use them as per the requirement. In addition, it provides the custom table generation control.
    2. Merge & split cells, split table   - These are built-in standard features useful for editing tables.
      - To provide a payment facility
    3. Insert entry fieldProvides simple data entry fields that may be inserted everywhere with some distinct formats such as date, time, selection, numeric, and alphanumeric. In addition, it allows adding custom numeric and alphanumeric data entry fields.
  • Illustration

    1. Shapes The solution offers some common shapes used frequently for editing and have all the built-in shapes available in the ‘Insert table’ tab. In fact, you can change the color schemes as well.
    2. Pictogram With this feature, you can use multiple categorized images that are used as signals. Also, you can edit or add new pictogram sets and small pictogram sets as well.
    3. Insert Pictures Through this, a specific image could be inserted from the specified path and make it fit in the available space.
    4. Paste Pictures It performs the same function as ‘insert pictures’ but it inserts the picture from the clipboard.
    5. Pictures Compress Reduces the file size by down sampling and discarding the trimmed parts of any pictures. It’s used because if you crop the image, you may lose the picture quality.
  • Details

    1. Font color picker, shape cell color, fill color All these are custom tools among which ‘font color picker’ sets the color of the font, ‘shape cell color’ sets the border color of any shape, image, or text, and ‘fill color’ fills the shape with the chosen color from these tools.
    2. Text wrapping, hyperlink, bullets, and numbering These are the text-edit functions similarly available in the built-in tools.
    3. Set default font, built-in font tools ‘Set default font’ can be used to set the font of the whole document. ‘Built-in font tools’ contain font style, font size, increasing, decreasing, and making text bold.
  • Help
    Using this, you can uninstall the tool and get information about the current version of the tool.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab Pvt., Ltd., a reputed Microsoft 365 development company , developed a desired solution for the client that could offer a variety of customized templates, emojis, and unique data tables to utilize in the file and fits exactly with industry rules. This Word Add-in makes documentation process faster and provides work consistency with enhanced quality.


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