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Looking to achieve remarkable roadmaps for your business? Hire our Java developers and craft your business needs with Java Development Company, iFour Technolab.
Java is a magnificent platform that offers incredible features for multiplatform application development. Java would remain as a long-time leader in the case of enterprise systems development.

iFour Technolab has high potential and experienced Java developers that can develop using different platforms of Java such as Spring, Hibernate, J2EE, ORM tools, etc. Keeping a close look towards the future market needs, we can also help you with cloud-native and future-proof business applications to stay competitive. iFour provides flexible hiring models for the clients. After hiring, the clients can directly interact with the team of developers and work with them just like their in-house employees.

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You Can Avail These Services by Hiring Our Dedicated Java Programmers

  • Enterprise application development

  • Cloud-native development: AWS, GCP, AZURE

  • Product development expertise

  • Architecture and design consulting

  • Application re-engineering

  • Application maintenance

Our Technical skills

Back End Technology Back-end Technologies
  • - Java 8
  • - Java 11
Back End Technology Front-end Technologies
  • - Angular
  • - ReactJS
Third Party Component Architecture
  • - Microservices
  • - Domain driven design
  • - Reactive event based
Framework Java Frameworks
  • - Spring
  • - Spring Boot
  • - Struts
  • - Hibernate
Database Database Management
  • - Oracle
  • - MySQL
  • - MongoDB
Payment Gateway Coherent and secure code management
  • - GIT
  • - SVN
Database Cloud Providers
  • - AWS
  • - GCP
  • - Azure
Design Patterns DevOps/Containerization
  • - Jenkins
  • - Dockers
  • - Kubernetes

Why Should You Hire Us?

iFour Technolab assures fully customized solutions as per your business requirements. Our top-class and truly-satisfying web development services would bring you tremendous results for your business. Our well-experienced professionals can deal with Data migrations, configurations, customizations, third-party integrations very efficiently.
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Our key benefits are

Accomplished team of Java developers 1
Utilize updated technology stack2
Follows Agile strategy for application development 3
Scalable, reliable, and robust solutions4
Cost-effective and on-time delivery 5
Strict NDA and security 6
Hassle-free communication with the developers 7
Comply with deadlines8

Simple development with Sustainable output - Hit to Hire

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Java Developers:

iFour technolab Pvt. Ltd.provides flexible modes of hiring Java developers. They are � Hire dedicated team, Fixed price model, and Hourly-based model.

Hire a dedicated team: This model is recommended when the clients require Java developers on monthly basis. Assisting with their impeccable services, our team of developers would become your pillar of strength till your project tenure.

Fixed-price model: We can offer a fixed price model in the case client have a project with clear-cut scope and requirements.

Hourly-based model: Clients can hire our Java web developers with the hourly-based model when they have projects with strict deadlines.

For further details, connect to us from our website.

Here is our hiring approach �

  1. Requirements gathering and meeting
  2. Analyzing the requirements, and shortlisting the CVs of Java developers.
  3. Finalizing Java developers having strong knowledge and skills.
  4. Contract agreement and payment discussion.
  5. Meetup with Java team and project managers to discuss SCRUM duration, working procedure, deadlines, etc.
  6. Project work environment setup.
  7. Project begins.

There are various benefits you would get in hiring our Java developers. Some of them are �

  • Excellent opportunity to learn and work with our Java professionals who have a strong grip over subject understanding and domain knowledge.
  • You can efficiently control the whole SDLC process of your Java project.
  • Your Java project would be monitored and handled by our highly experienced project manager.
  • Having extensive experience in testing various industrial projects, our Software Testers would test your Java-based applications and websites.
  • iFour Technolab ensures not only quality services but also provides ownership and copyrights.
  • On top of all these, iFour provides the best services at an affordable price.

iFour Technolab has dedicated and well-versed professionals at all levels. They have successfully worked for different industry verticals. To talk about the team of Java professionals, they have 4+ years of experience in providing sustainable solutions.

Clients can efficiently hire our dexterous technocrats such as Java developers, Project managers, QA Engineers, SCRUM masters, Technical Support Engineers, UI/UX designers, etc.

iFour Technolab has various clientele with different time zones. Our team of Java professionals assist them in all the possible ways and meet up on the respective time zone of the client and discuss the project status.

Yes, Java applications are platform-independent. Java applications need a Java Virtual Machine that is available for all different platforms.

In the industry currently, Java applications are running on platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, and other major operating systems.

Java has multiple distributions. Two of the major distributions are one from Oracle and the other from OpenJDK.

OpenJDK is completely free and supported by a worldwide open source community. While Oracle JDK is also free with costs attached under certain usage scenarios.

Yes, they are very scalable. Java has in-built multi-threading libraries which can be used for scaling individual instance of an application (vertical scaling). While Java applications can easily be designed using microservice architecture to enable horizontal scaling in cloud infrastructure.

Being a reputed Java application development company, we utilize updated and trusted tools. Talking about the modes of communication, we use reliable tools such as Skype, Slack, Gmail, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Voice call, GoTo Meeting, etc. for client communication.

Obviously, we can assure you that our Java developers would work on your project with zeal and dedication.

We use leading source control tools like Git, SVN, BitBucket, etc. We are also open to utilizing the tool of client's choice.

Certainly! From day one itself, you will have full control over our Java developers who dedicatedly work for you as per your regulations.

iFour Technolab never compromises when it comes to quality software services. It has highly experienced project managers who efficiently handle various industry projects. One of them would be monitoring your Java-based project without any compromise on certain factors such as code quality, bug fixes, time management, etc.

We follow a timely peer code review process to check if the standard coding practices are followed or not. Besides, our project managers and Team Lead also examine the Pull request before making approval.

Our dexterous software testers follow ISO 9000 standards and procedures to ensure software quality compliance. They perform unit as well as manual testing strategies to acquire the factors such as reliability, efficiency, security, and maintainability for your Java based project.

When you go with a dedicated team hiring model, we demand 50 % of the monthly payment in advance. Around 20-30% has to be deposited in the case of the fixed-price model. And for the Hourly-based hiring model, we require a one-week payment in advance.

When you outsource your project with iFour Technolab, you shouldn�t have to worry about the hidden charges. We keep every detail related to your Java project transparent and accurate without any hidden charges.

Being a trusted Java application development company, iFour makes the in-house developers sign NDA to secure the idea of the Java project. Additionally, we take every required measure to augment the security.

Create limitless possibilities with Enterprise-grade solutions. Get Java expert now

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