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Businesses in today’s world rely on software applications and websites to a large extent. Gone are the days where customers had to face horrifying waits and delays. Your brand is recognized based on how quickly you can serve your customers. Your applications should scale up or down seamlessly as per the changing needs of your customers.

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. is a top-notch Java development company in USA that crafts outstanding business applications and websites using the right blend of Java frameworks, and provides a sharp edge to your business.

As a leading Java development company we have an adroit team of Java developers with extensive experience in building enterprise-grade solutions that will help your business to stay competitive in the market.

By utilizing this object-oriented programming language, we design flawless websites, mobile applications, and embedded software solutions to accelerate business growth. With its eye on market needs and demands, iFour can help you with applying configurations, feature customizations, and third-party integrations as needed.

To survive in this cut-throat market, you have to think outside the box. Being a top Java development company with over decade of experience, iFour Technolab understands these needs and appropriately creates Java-based implementations that are scalable, modular, secure, and highly competitive. We employ enterprise Java and the vast ecosystem of open-source technologies, spring ecosystem tools, ORM tools, etc., for business automation.

In addition, we are also experts in developing business apps that are cloud-native and future-proof. You can seamlessly deploy them to public cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Whether you are building your future app from the ground up or want to turn your legacy application into a modern enterprise application - iFour Technolab is a partner that will take you there.

Looking to revamp your business growth? Just connect with us; we are here to help you.

Why Java is your platform of choice?

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  • Java is the most stable and time tested platform language

    Java is a powerful programming language that has gained impeccable strength every passing day. With so many groundbreaking changes in the form of lambda expressions, streams, enhanced data structures, etc., Java has emerged as one of the most stable and up-to-date languages in the market. It has become the platform of choice for many giants as well as SMEs. Despite challenging and evolving situations, Java, in reality, has proved to be a time-tested language that would help garner exponential growth for your business.

  • Java is future-proof: cloud-native

    There has been a lot of hype about cloud adoption these days. Moving with the waves of digital transformation, it is the right time to think about serverless strategies for your application development and leverage cost efficiencies. Java is a fully-featured and future-proof platform that enables cloud-native development with the support of major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. It helps you deliver faster development strategies leading to better business growth.

  • Access to the largest open-source eco-system

    The Java platform holds an enormous ecosystem of open-source software and libraries. These libraries and reusable components make Java application development extremely fast and agile. When it comes to security, Java happens to be the best platform. Applications with Java are absolutely secure and scalable. It reduces the go-to-market time significantly. Furthermore, Java also has enormous community support that provides optimal solutions to user queries.

  • Java enables extensive customizations in applications

    Java is a secure and versatile platform through which you can create high-quality applications. With the help of Java frameworks and tools, you can customize any kind of business application, add new features, and edit existing features very efficiently. Through extensive customizations at the front-end, you can convert your website visitors into customers and re-configure your business. It also reduces the cost of incremental changes made to the Java-based application.

Why iFour should be your preferred Java development partner?

(Bringing tremendous success with unrivaled and high-end Java development solutions)

iFour has earned remarkable fame in developing design-centric and future-ready mobile, web and desktop applications. We have enabled the growth of several startups and SMEs with our Java development services.

Clients across the world prefer iFour Technolab because we have

Seasoned developers

A top-class Java development company, iFour has a team of Java developers with excellent skill-sets. Our developers can transform your imagination into reality and help you to stand apart from the crowd. Given their expertise, they can deal with any kind of development needs, customizations, third-party integrations, etc. Hire Java developers from iFour Technolab to maintain a strong focus on security and to render feature-rich applications and projects on time.

Over a decade’s experience in the market

iFour Technolab strives to provide seamless and sustainable services in innovative ways. With over 10 years of experience in Java enterprise application development, iFour delivers flawless developments such as powerful web apps, cross-functional developments, custom web developments, etc., to its global clients using the right mix of technologies.

Agile and self-governing teams

We have a highly-skilled team of software professionals at all levels. They follow the Agile process of development and maintain complete transparency and accuracy throughout the software development lifecycle. We maintain self-governing teams and each one manages its tasks with commitment and responsibility.

Cost-effective and secure services

Web and desktop application development for a business has never been so easy. The ability to deliver high-quality and secure software at a speed that business demands, is very crucial. We have developed a collaborative approach to ensure a fine balance between cost, quality, and time, based on your business needs. By continuously collaborating with clients throughout the software development lifecycle phases, we ensure that our development efforts are constantly aligned with the desired outcome.

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Take your business to new heights with our Java application development services.

Our noteworthy Java development services include

  • Java Enterprise application development

  • Product development expertise

  • Cloud-native development: AWS, GCP, Azure

  • Application re-engineering

  • Architecture and design consulting

  • Application maintenance



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FAQs for Java development company

As a foremost Java development company, iFour Technolab provides these Java-based services to the client

  • Custom web development
  • Enterprise application development
  • Product development
  • Java Blockchain technology development
  • Third-party integration services
  • Mobile App development services
  • QA services
  • Application maintenance

We have an adroit team of Java professionals capable of developing flawless applications. Our developers are proficient in various Java technologies like JavaEE, Hibernate, Struts, Spring, Maven, Servlets, etc.

Java is one of the best programming languages preferred to develop stunning websites and applications. Clients go with Java because its applications are highly secure, platform-independent, scalable, portable, robust, maintainable, etc. In fact, Java also has a rich set of APIs and high-level concurrency tools than any other language.

Java has major framework support from Spring and Spring boot ecosystems. Apart from other benefits, these frameworks provide many reusable components out of the box. With all the boilerplate functions readily available from Spring and Spring boot framework, the team can now just focus on implementing features required by the business. Hence making the development of Java applications fast and much less error-prone.

Java has full-scale support to build a 12-factor cloud-native application. Be it seamless integration with CI-CD pipelines using industry-leading tools (like Jenkins) or creating a lightweight self-contained application, Java has many tools to choose from. Tool suites like spring cloud further enhances this capability. All major public cloud providers have support for JVM-based applications from day-1 and strive to become more and more robust.

We recommend our clients take an evolutionary approach towards building a product or web application specifically when the domain that we are dealing with is complex. We usually start with the development of a system with coarse-grained services, then move to fine-grained services over a period of time. We employ industry-standard good practices of Domain-Driven design and microservice architecture to ensure that application design is flexible enough to evolve over time.

Java offers access to industry-leading big-data tools like Hadoop, Spark, and Storm. Due to Java's scalability and performance, some of these tools themselves are written in Java. Big Data for Java is becoming more reliable because of dedicated efforts made by organizations such as Apache Foundation and other reputed communities.

Yes, Java has support for the best tools and techniques to implement any AI/ML solution. Be it an application of Natural Language Processing (NLP), entity extraction, or image processing, Java has native libraries and frameworks available. Libraries like Stanford NLP, Spark-ML are built in Java and JVM based languages. Even when libraries are written and deployed in non-Java environments like Python, Java-based applications can easily integrate with it using REST services or any messaging system.

Our experts follow SCRUM and Agile methodologies while Java application development. They maintain fine accuracy throughout the process and deliver projects on time.

Our Java developers are bound by company policies and non-disclosure agreement. In addition, we make them sign NDA to ensure project security.

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