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The customer is a leading translation services provider based in the United States that provides high-quality services to well-known businesses around the world. It offers integrated solutions that work across multiple platforms and helps businesses drive international ROI.


The customer desired a system that could fetch matching data (both partially and accurately) to assist users in simplifying their activities. They sought for an integrated solution that could leverage the translation API to retrieve user data in Microsoft Word platform. Creating such a functional solution without affecting users’ processes was a major challenge.

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Features in the solution –

  • As a part of document format, you may put the config file having JSON data.

    1. To begin with, load a configuration file that contains JSON data as part of the document format.
    2. The solution consists of two tabs i.e., TM and Glossary
    3. TM:In this section, there are two sub-tabs i.e., “leverage” and “Concordance”
      1. Leverage -– You may search for your selected keywords here. It will fetch and show the matched data using a combination of exact and partial matches.
      2. Concordance -You can search with your selected keywords here as well. The difference is that it will retrieve and display the matched data based on the selections made (exact or partial). Additionally, you may also choose the source and target settings while checking.
    4. Glossary-In this section, you may filter your search terms by selecting the source and target choices.

Key highlights:

    1. Upload file:You can login using config file.
    1. Search:You may quickly discover the content by using the search key and obtain data.
    1. Copy Paste:You may quickly copy your information to the clipboard by double clicking on it and then pasting it.
    1. Matches:You can also access total matches of your data.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab, a leading Word Add-in development company in USA has developed an integrated solution in response to the customer needs. It enables users to quickly search for their key terms, filter them using exact, partial, source and target options and acquire results for their needs. In addition, it helps to obtain translated data using the API.


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