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for building website or web app? Hire our passionate Angular developers who helps you to get tailored solutions that ensure your business growth.
iFour’s dedicated Angular developers have an extensive knowledge of creating feature-packed front-ends using latest versions. Our expert developers are creative in developing Angular based websites that is fast and reliable for all kinds of businesses. To avail the best of Angular, hire Angular developers from us today. We serve a wide array of AngularJS development services.


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We are proficient in listed services

  • Enterprise App Development

  • Web App Development

  • Third Party Integrations with Angular

  • Custom Angular Component Development

  • Angular App Design and Development

  • Single- Page Angular Applications

  • Portal Development

  • Ecommerce Development

  • Angular Framework Plugin Development

Our Technical skills

Back End Technology Latest Versions we use
  • - Angular 6.0
  • - Angular 7.0
Back End Technology Front-end technologies
  • - JavaScript
  • - jQuery
  • - AJAX
  • - HTML
  • - bootstrap
Third Party Component 3rd Party Components
  • - Telerik components
  • - Devexpress
  • - Kendo UI
  • - jQuery Data table
Database Data Management
  • - MS SQL Server
  • - MySQL
  • - MongoDB
  • - firebase
  • - PostgreSQL
  • - Redis
Database Cloud Computing Platform
  • - Microsoft Azure
Payment Gateway Coherent and secure code management
  • - SVN
  • - GIT
Code Management Project Management
  • - knowledge
  • - understanding

Why Should You Appoint Us?

Our technical troop develops solutions that are efficient and reliable. As a superior IT outsourcing company for web development, we assure you serve the fully customize according to your requirements and advancement. Hire web developers that are well trained and expertise in

Angular software development

and best in class outcomes and can help you in achieving your business goals.
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Our key benefits are

Flexible Hiring Models1
Quick & easy on boarding2
Agile & adoptive development3
Diversified domain experiences4
Strong Technology Competency5
Scalable and robust solutions 6
Quick turnaround time 7
Competitive Pricing and On-time Delivery8
Passionate team with Transparent Communication9
Use of latest technologies.10

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Angular Front-end development:

iFour technolab Pvt. Ltd. provides three ways to hire Angular web developers. i.e., Hire dedicated team, Fixed-price model, and Hourly-based model.

Hire a dedicated team: If you are in search of hiring developers on monthly basis for working on your project then you can go with this model.

Fixed-price model: Using this model you can hire our Angular developers on a fixed price for a specific amount of job.

Hourly-based model: If you are looking to hire the Angular developer on an hourly basis to work on your project then this model is the best one to go with.

Steps for hiring process:

  1. Requirements walkthrough meeting
  2. Analyzing the requirements and sending the CV of the resources
  3. Shortlisting and Finalizing the web developers with matching skills
  4. Contract agreement procedure and having payment discussions and conditions.
  5. Team introduction and discussion on requirements, timing, SCRUM duration, meeting schedule, work process, goals, and expectations.
  6. Environment set up for Project work
  7. Project Begins

Number of benefits you will find in hiring our Angular JS developers like-

  • You will be likely to get a chance to work with talented and highly-experienced Angular experts.
  • We will facilitate you with a dedicated and highly experienced Project manager to handle your project.
  • Along with that, we will allot you a meticulous team of QA specialists who can perform deep testing of your project and ensure quality output.
  • You will also get IP and ownership with best software quality.

Being an esteemed Angular Software development firm in India, we have all levels of experienced developers. Our dedicated team of Angular developers have 4+ years of experience in Angular development and can cope up with any kind of implementation.

iFour has skillful developers in every department with fine experience in multiple project developments. You can hire our Angular developers, SCRUM masters, Front-end and Back-end developers, Project Managers, QA Engineers, Support Engineers.

iFour Technolab has several clients from various locations with different time zones. We have assisted them in all the possible ways and conveniently done their work. We always make ourselves ready to make a discussion on the project in their respective time zone.

Generally, in our company, we follow Agile methodologies. To meet up with every developer and client, we use Slack, Skype, Voice call, Microsoft Team, GoToMeeting setups. We fix our meetings in the morning hours for work and project-related discussions so that work can be planned in more effective way however we are flexible in scheduling meetings as per customer requirements.

Apart from that, before making a move on to the work, our developers would provide the details for:

  • Yesterday’s work status.
  • Tasks allotted for today.
  • Are they facing any problems while development?

By maintaining work transparency in this way, we make a worksheet of every developer and send it to you including with screenshots.

Of course, yes. Our Angular developers always work dedicatedly on every client project for Full-time only.

By using GitHub, we manage our team’s source code versions. The best thing about this is that you can easily manage and review the debugging or bug fixes. However, we are also ready to adopt the tools of the client’s choice.

Angular is one of the best programming platforms that not only facilitates highly secured web app development but also provides responsiveness and scalability. Using this, the Angular developers can make developments even faster and it also includes the support for dependency injection.

The main objective of using Angular technology is to implement and deliver rich web applications. You would have fabulous benefits behind using the Angular technology such as:

  • One can create customized as well as dynamic web applications.
  • With lesser code you can access extraordinary functionalities.
  • Angular supports code reusability and maintains lesser code.
  • You can achieve high-efficiency in project tasks with the lesser timeline.

We have talented Angular developers who are well versed with Angular development and can perform high level of customizations very efficiently. The following are the highlights of our Angular developers:

  • With having an excellent grip on Angular CLI (Command Line Interface), our Angular developers have a fine understanding of NPM i.e., Node Package Manager
  • Well versed with HTML, CSS, and using development tools.
  • With a good understanding of the RxJS library, our angular developers have sound knowledge of GIT and TypeScript.
  • Well experienced in writing, testing, and documenting the codes in JavaScript and HTML.

iFour developers generally follow Agile methodology, but besides we also have customized web development process that we use to follow for a few of our Angular based custom projects. It involves:

  • Project perception
  • Keeping targets and priority
  • Picking up the right path
  • Project Analysis and Research
  • Utilizing fine development tools
  • Choosing the required technologies
  • Moving on with the project

Definitely yes. Because being a well-defined and strong JavaScript framework that works on the REST functionality, Angular builds a website that provides high traffic with keeping all the data encrypted and secured.

Actually, it depends on several factors like business requirements, model and size of the project, integration, customization, required features and functionalities, etc. Depending on these, the timescale may vary.

Certainly! In fact, you can communicate with our Angular developers anytime. They will be working for you remotely following your rules and regulations, just as they do for us. They will be active on your specified communication channel whenever required.

Our company has Project Managers who have great hands on experience in supervising IT industrial projects. They are well-versed in handling projects and never make any compromise on certain factors like time-management, Quality of code, Work output, coding standards and rules, bug fixes, etc. So, one of them will be monitoring your Angular project.

At iFour Technolab, our Angular developers follow the standards and procedures of ISO 9001:2015 for ensuring software quality products. We keep constant focus to achieve factors like Reliability, Security, Size, Efficiency, and Maintainability. Upon these, we also follow certain criteria like eliminating errors and bugs found in end-to-end product life-cycle, QA planning, and unit testing every core component of the project and ensuring it is bug-free at the end.

We schedule and follow the weekly peer code review process. Aside of that, our PM would also do code review on regular basis. And before making approval every pull request gets properly reviewed.

Well, normally it never happens, but in case if it happens, then without any hesitation just inform us immediately. We will look for an improvement in communication between you and our Angular developers. Still, if we see any issue in that, then surely, we will make a replacement without any extra charges.

Following is our normal escalation matrix:

  1. Software developer: You can discuss any concerns or issues related to your expectation gaps with the Software developer.
  2. Project Manager: In this second level of the escalation matrix, you can make a discussion about the performance gap and technical issues with the Project Manager. You can complain if any of the issues or bugs are not addressed properly by the web developer in the development process.
  3. Business Manager: This is the third pillar of the escalation matrix. With Business Manager, you can discuss the concerns related to process level, technical and commercial issues.
  4. Director: Director is the final ladder of the matrix, with whom you can talk over the commercial and non-commercial issues and that would be addressed within no time.6

For the Dedicated hiring model, you need to pay 50% of a month in advance, and the rest payment would be accounted at the end of the month.

For the Fixed price model, we take 20-30 % in advance and the rest amount is divided in proportion to module delivery.

And for Hourly based price model, we consider one week’s payment in advance.

No, there would not be any hidden charges in the project. In fact, you do not need to worry about the Budget-line as well. Because iFour provides extraordinary and top-quality services at affordable prices. Our developers perform everything in the project transparently and every minor detail would be shared with you without hiding anything.

At iFour, security is considered as a factor of top-most priority. Being known as a trusted Angular development company, every Angular developer is made to sign an NDA agreement as part of company joining procedure. We also agree to sign NDA with the client to secure their ideas. Client satisfaction is our main priority; therefore, we take accountability of our in-house Angular developers and the whole project work. Client need not worry about their intellectual property because we keep everything confidential.

You will have total control over our hired Angular developers who would work for you. The whole source code, intellectual property rights, copyrights, etc. would be under your roof. Thus, you own 100% ownership of the Web development project.