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E-commerce is about buying and selling goods on an online store. It is a platform which allows you to grow and expand the horizons of your business into various channels and substantially increase ROI (Return on Investment). It creates an attractive atmosphere for shopping and enhances the user experience. eCommerce websites have become an integral part of an organization looking to expand its operations beyond its geographical location and to get attuned to changing scenarios in global markets. iFour Technolab is a leading custom e-commerce development company in USA, that offers budget-friendly and affordable eCommerce solutions that are available in a wide range of options. Our experts render the best solutions for eCommerce businesses and help you establish strong visibility and credibility among your customers.

To compete in the crowded e-marketplace, organizations need to develop their eCommerce business stores with stunning visuals and easy navigation. They also need to be aware of peoples’ interest and what they are looking for (search). This remains a key factor, no matter whether it is a startup, an evolving business or a well-known one.

Why is custom eCommerce development significant for brands?

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iFour Technolab is a robust eCommerce website development company which helps develop the substructure of your online retail business. Our professionals understand the consequence of utilizing the latest technology to expand profitability.

Our eCommerce solutions provide the best-in-standard features and functionality which are scalable and customizable. Our team can build full custom functionality, integrate with ERP systems, pull data from multiple sources, and tailor a solution that is suited to your brand and eCommerce goals.

ecommerce development services

Our Specialization in eCommerce development services

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The iFour team takes a stylish approach to create an appropriate online store based on customer budget, merchandise, customer preference and schedule. We ensure that the online store is secure, reliable, has high availability, and has the feel of a personal touch, thus leading to higher sales. We also make sure that the store is a secure shopping space and is easy to use with an eye-catching look and feel. This gives the customer a memorable online experience. Our optimal mix of techno-commercial software development teams will help you identify your business processes and translate them into an effective solution that will sustain and support your future business growth.

In B2B eCommerce sites and stores, the front-end is as important as back-end functionality. Hence, we at iFour develop custom eCommerce websites with an equal focus on both - the front-end and back-end.

We specialize in the following types of online stores

Licensed shopping cart

Licensed shopping carts are online stores that can be deployed on any server. This is a very popular type of online store as the merchant owns the license after purchasing the same and provides the most flexible and powerful “shopping carts” available to online retailers. However, they can demand more in terms of expenses and development time. These carts help to build and manage businesses of any size with minimum effort and bridge the gap between shopping and buying. They store product information, orders, and catalogue and customer display information.

Features of licensed shopping carts

  • No monthly fees
  • Customizable layouts
  • Flexibility in altering features/functionality and integration

Hosted shopping cart

A hosted shopping cart operates on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model where the merchant does not own the store and is hosted on a third-party server. The merchant pays a monthly, quarterly or yearly rent, based on the agreement. Small business companies, at their inception, can opt for a hosted solution to reduce the financial outlays in the initial years. It has features that enable a hosted set-up as the site and the shopping cart are bundled together under one server which includes email hosting for customer support.

Features of a hosted shopping cart

  • Maintenance free solution
  • Server backups, app maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Quick to setup
  • Hosting solutions will include e-commerce web hosting

Custom shopping cart

A custom shopping cart is an online store developed specifically for a customer’s requirement and preference. These are custom online stores hosted on a merchant’s server and he owns the true ownership rights of the store. We provide custom-made solutions that are well-aligned with your industry and work-flow. We customize the cart behavior and API and set up useful actions like making your customer’s cart icon pop-up when he adds an item. You can combine a number of custom fields with a product.

The iFour technical team uses innovative technologies to develop and design a custom online store.

Key features of holding an eCommerce website

  • User-friendly admin panel
  • Responsive and fast store-front
  • Powerful SEO tools
  • Unique layout manager

What can we develop for you?

iFour Technolab has an excellent track record in delivering software services to clients. As a leading e-commerce service provider, we have helped industries with sustainable services on nopCommerce, Sitecore, Umbraco, and Salesforce platforms.

We are dedicated to serving the best for the industry. We consider various points, employ advanced technologies to build your desired online store.

Take a look at our eCommerce services

  • E-commerce website design and development
  • E-commerce App development
  • E-commerce marketplace development
  • Plugin and module development
  • Custom eCommerce functionality
  • Custom eCommerce storefront designs
  • Integration with multiple platforms
  • Payment gateway integration
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Reach your milestones with flawless e-commerce services

Benefits of using our services

  • Outcome-focused approach

  • Scalable and robust solution set

  • Diversified domain expertise

  • Customized services

  • Highly cost-effective

  • Timely quality solutions

  • Customer-first focus

  • Flexible engagement models

  • Latest software development

  • Transparent communication



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FAQs on Custom e-commerce development services

iFour Technolab is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner with over 10 years of market experience and assisted more than 15 industries with competent software solutions. When you partner with iFour, you will get

  • Experienced, vetted, and certified professionals
  • Top-notch services at affordable rates
  • Custom e-commerce solutions with flawless features
  • Strict confidentiality and excellent security
  • Complete transparency and accuracy
  • On-time project delivery

No, we never use the same old box templates to fix your website design, rather we prefer to keep your business look unique and attractive. That’s why we keep you in the development loop and gather your suggestions.

As an e-commerce site owner, you will have a better understanding of your goals. This makes it essential for you to be a part of our development process and ascertain the ongoing process carried out with complete transparency and accuracy. This way you will be kept informed all the time.

Our experts examine your old database, its data, and core structure and recommend you necessary requisites for data migration.

To say exactly, it depends on the size and complexity of your project and requirements.

Today, people are more focused on time saving and avoid visiting physical stores to make purchases. People prefer online shopping and frequently browse e-commerce sites using smartphones and PCs to make purchases. Thus, it is crucial to have an e-commerce site and capture fine market-base.

Conversion rate is a very vital metric in the eCommerce portal. Make your products visible to the visitors so that they can have a quick look. Do not try to hide your products behind the tricks of marketing copy. Maintain a professional look for the website following terms and conditions. Apart from that, also provide crucial information like Contact details, security and return policies, payment options, etc. This possibly could lead your site visitors into buyers.

Yes, our experts build mobile-friendly eCommerce websites using an updated technology stack and other competent tools.

Normally it doesn’t happen with us, in case it happens, just inform us immediately and we will improve the modes of communication between you and our experts. If you still have any issues, we will replace the concerned developers at no additional cost.

Given below is our normal escalation matrix.

  • Software developer – You can discuss project issues or expectation gaps with the developer.
  • Project manager – In this second level of the escalation matrix, you can discuss performance gaps, process level, and technical issues.
  • Business manager – The business manager is the third pillar in the escalation matrix. You can discuss process level, technical and commercial issues with him.
  • Director – The Director is the last rung of the escalation matrix and you can discuss all commercial and non-commercial issues, which will be addressed in the least possible time

Our technical support engineers can provide L2 support and manage these services effectively.

  • Handling installations and software upgrades
  • Dedicated technical support assistance
  • Migration performance optimization
  • Security management of e-commerce website
  • Data recovery management and backup
  • Timely solutions

We can suggest country-specific e-commerce payment gateways for your website. The price and other terms are dependent on some local factors like government protocols, taxes, etc. Depending on your geographic location, e-commerce platform, etc., we will help you in choosing the right gateway alternative.

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