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This customer is an Australian firm that offers building design consulting services to its set of clients. They are specialized in life cycle assessment of buildings and structures and provide expert opinions to their clients.


Customer realized the need for developing an integrated design method that can assess all aspects of a project. Manually performing all procedures in the life cycle of building design requires tremendous effort and time. Also, it takes a lot of calculations to find out how building designs impact the environment. This entails the need for automated operations and calculations to save time and reduce errors.

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Technology Used

Web Application



Web Server

ASP.NET (C#) Framework 4.5

Programming Language


Database Management Server

MVC / NHibernate framework


JavaScript, JQuery

Client Technology

Hg Workbench

Version Control

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The solution comprises the following features:

  • Automated procedures and synchronization for procedures involved in the life cycle assessment of building.

  • Formulas that are used to calculate the impact of building design on environment are compatible with Australian and UK standards such as EN 15978 and ISO 14044

  • Creating and managing designed projects with lifecycle modules and impacts

  • Creating and categorizing project structures using structural design module.

  • Design categorization module enables to create or redevelop various designs.

  • The Assembly components module enables the designing of various structures and generates reports for transport and recurring environmental impacts.

  • Material management module manages the material components used for building structure. It also provides various details such as products, transport, construction, and recurring charges.

  • Operational management is used to create operational energy and water components with gas, electricity, and water types and is used to report the impacts related to operational energy.

  • Template design allows users to create a Global template with the assembly, material, and operational component.

  • Enhanced report generation module enables the creation of user-friendly technical reports with international standards.

  • One can share recommendations and provide feedback to find out the impacts on the environment at certain intervals.

  • The solution generates the alert for mismatched or incorrect designs in the existing design.

  • A user can request certification of design, validation of the template, and quotation of the project with the workflow management module.

  • Creation of a group and invitation to users, acceptance or rejection of invitation & then sharing of designs or templates with the member of a group in read-only or read/write mode are some of the features of this module.

  • Provision of the list of tasks and scheduling for individual users along with its status such as incomplete, completed, or missing deadline.

  • All types of notifications related to design certifications, template validation, and group invitations are supported by the solution.

  • Individualized access to the system through role-based access module

  • Analyzing the impacts of CO2, cost, energy, water, land use, ozone depletion, human toxicity, and more.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. provided a sustainable solution that helps with life cycle assessment procedures and is compatible with the UK and Australian government legal infrastructure standards. It also helped customers attain detailed comprehension of operational environmental impacts. It offers users simplified processes, easy-to-interact experience and aids in the decision-making process involved at various stages of the project.


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