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Transportation and Logistics Management System

About Customer

The customer is one of the foremost transportation and shipping service providers in the United States. It largely emphasizes delivering the finest services at minimal possible freight shipping rate. The customer's extensive network in logistics and massive experience sets them apart from other competitors in the industry.


The customer's process of performing tasks manually restricted it to many limitations such as the inability in tracking logistics, calculating shortest paths, estimating weather, real-time communication, and unsecured payment methods. These difficulties often degraded the quality of services that customer intended to provide to their clients. Customer realized the need for developing a complete solution that could automate services and re-establish the reputation.

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Technology Used




Web Server

PHP 5.3.28

Programming Language



MSSQL Server

Database Management Server

Java – Android OS Platform Objective C – iOS Platform

Mobile Application Technology

JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX

Client Technology


Version Control

Ringcentral API for SMS, CALL and FAX Google map API Node.js and Socket.io

3rd party tools

Transportation and Logistics Management System - 02
Transportation and Logistics Management System - 03

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The solution comprises following features:

  • Real-time Tracking of logistics goods and services through GPS

  • Accurate calculations for Load distance estimate & shortest route possible

  • Streamlined processes involved in the Life cycle of Transportation

  • Granular dashboard demonstrating multiple information at a single location

  • Managing billing-related documents for loads through precise Billing module


  • Enhanced and customized Reporting module to generate reports for various stakeholders

  • Automated validation and verification of loading documents with PDF conversion

  • Secure Payment gateway in compliance with the latest government regulations

  • Automated scheduling & reporting to improve the decision-making process

  • Personalized member login with Single Sign-On (SSO) feature using Facebook and Google

  • Instantaneous conversation through messaging, calling & faxing directly from the system

  • Role-based access control mechanism that prevents misuse of the system

  • Automate Conversion of documents into various formats

  • Online chatting facility enabling a quick exchange of information

  • Mobile application, developed on two platforms Android and iOS, loaded with various features including document capturing, payment processing, a preview of reports and historical statements

  • Integrated Gmail and other Google services associated with the website

  • Persistent posting and update of Truck status on numerous stakeholders’ websites

image Conclusion/Results

With the sustainable and analytical solution provided by iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., the customer can showcase its new method through automated cost-benefit analysis. Moreover, the solution has enabled customer to deliver better estimates, accurate calculations, effective storage and retrieval accompanied by prompt generation of reports leading to improved decision making and endorsing its new method. Extensive post-implementation support from iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. has established a long-term relationship with the customer.


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