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Customer is a global information service provider based in Melbourne, Australia. Customer specializes in providing productivity improvement products to SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses). It offers sustainable app development solutions and develops highly performant products focused on the field of energy and waste decomposition.


To manage various business letters and templates in a business is an arduous task. Customer realized the need for an application that not only manages business letters but also enables changes on template sections as needed. This comprehensive system is aimed to minimize manual efforts, simplify operations, and save customer’s time.

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Technology Used


Web Server

ASP.NET (C#) Framework 4.5

Programming Language

Windows application

Type Website

Microsoft SQL Server

Database Management Server

MVC / Entity framework Windows form


JavaScript, JQuery , AJAX

Client Technology


Version Control

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Windows-based application comprises of following features:

  • ‘Customized business letter templates’ to search, design and manage business letters with predefined templates.

  • 'Templates manager' module to categorize templates and save drafted versions of business letters for future use.

  • ’Variable module‘ to store and replace content automatically during the letter generation to avoid repetitive typing.

  • ‘Work Offline’ feature to create and save business letters on a local machine without connecting to the internet.

  • Ability to synchronize business letters of Windows application with the web-based application.

  • ‘Automatic Upgrade’ functionality updates the application automatically to the latest version.


Web-based application comprises of these features:

  • Wide range of subscription plans are available for registration catering to different types of business users.

  • Trial version of the application is available to attract potential users and market the product efficiently.

  • Flexibility to upgrade and downgrade subscription plan is provided to business users according to their usage.

  • ‘Template manager’ module to create business letters from a list of predefined templates and preview your own business letters online.

  • Restricted and monitored access to the system for various users based on roles and rights assigned to them.

  • ‘Automatic Backup’ functionality to store and periodically backup all user’s data at one location.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab has developed a sustainable app that manages business letters efficiently with minimal efforts. This Windows-based and web-based application helps with reduced overhead and maintains different versions of business letters. The synchronization between these two applications is a unique feature which makes these applications stand out among its competitors.


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