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The construction industry has certain distinctive features – it is high risk, fragmented and highly competitive. It faces increasing task complexities, fragmented business and procedures, a changing regulatory environment, increased risks related to execution, and a shortage of a skilled workforce, which has resulted in severe competitive pressures and business unpredictability. Further, projects have a long life-cycle, with many phases that require huge amounts of information. Thus, there is a need to streamline operations and manage risks better to ensure high-quality and timely execution of projects. iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a well-known custom construction software development company in USA provides custom software development and maintenance services that simplify processes by providing cost and time benefits, to organizations in the construction industry.

Role of IT in the Construction industry

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The construction industry is a data-intensive industry, as major construction processes require an extensive exchange of data and information among project members on a regular basis. Technology helps in the multidisciplinary planning and coordination of construction projects and provides valuable insights across the whole building lifecycle. The technology provides access to information from anywhere at any time to increase the productivity of the construction firm. IT helps to reduce the complexity, risks and costs associated with construction. A single solution cannot fit the needs of all firms. Thus, custom software can help, since it is created keeping in mind the specific requirements of a firm. The technology not only helps to increase efficiency within the construction process but also in post-construction activities such as selling, marketing, facility management, operations management, etc.

construction software development services

Our proficiency

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Due to our trusted and quality services, our client base has been increasing over the years. Our services for the construction industry include –

  • Custom Construction software development solutions

    Our technology services contribute to the core management functions of the construction industry such as planning, organizing activities, etc. We offer custom software development solutions to the construction industry that suit their in-house needs. We use the latest and trending technologies to build custom or bespoke software solutions for our clients.

  • Bid management software

    Our developers can help construction clients with Bid management software development. We provide solutions that can produce accurate bid estimates and keep track of the internal project work. With better accountability and visibility, one can smoothly streamline the bidding process via our software solutions.

  • ERP for the Construction industry

    iFour Technolab has expert web developers who can provide ERP solutions for the Construction industry to manage the workflow better. It would help you to unify essential components such as financial management, projects, payrolls, accounting, service operations, etc., into a single database. By eliminating the paper and manual processes, it would help you to focus on your goals.

  • Equipment management software

    To manage industrial equipment by tracking inventory levels, orders, delivery, production-related bills and documents, we can help our clients with equipment management software.

  • Construction accounting software

    To handle general accounting tasks such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, ledger, equipment service with the support of modules, time tracking, etc., we assist the industry with Construction accounting software.

  • Mobile Apps for the Construction industry

    Given the increasing use of mobile apps, we provide mobile app development services with useful functionalities, that correctly match the needs of the industry. With engaging UI and features, our mobile app developers develop mobile apps related to the iOS, Windows and Android platforms. We can manage hybrid as well as native apps.

  • Third-party integration services for Construction software

    To further improve construction industry software, we provide third-party integration solutions to clients and help them configure solutions.

  • Maintenance and support services

    To ensure that the software runs smoothly, we provide software maintenance services to our clients. Additionally, we have expert technical support engineers who deal with technical faults and troubleshoot them expeditiously.

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  • Create

    Based on the discussions with our client, we build the solution. This phase is extremely crucial as it would include the development of the core functionality for the app. We recommend suitable functionalities and features depending on the customer’s business requirements.

  • Test

    This phase is followed continuously throughout the project development life-cycle. Our committed QA engineers would perform testing strategies that include unit testing, manual testing, automation, etc., on every component of the project until it is bug-free.

  • Strategize

    We have business analysts who gather all the required information from the client and aggregate it with the help of a project manager, team-lead, designers and web developers. All the requisites such as framework, technologies, tools, timescale, the team of developers, etc., are finalized at this stage.

  • Review

    This is the semi-final stage where all the technology experts, experienced project managers, etc., would review the whole project including project functionalities, design, UI features, code quality, standards, loading time, performance, etc. The bugs and obstacles found would be resolved here.

  • Launch

    This is the deployment phase where the project would get hosted.

  • Feedback

    Examining the results and response of the app in the market, collecting the customer feedback and resolving the problems accordingly.


Custom Construction software development case study

With expertise in various technologies, iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. has rendered various custom software systems in the construction sector, one of them is given below

The above system aims to simplify the processes in the construction industry to increase the overall efficiency. Applications can handle a huge amount of data and provide transparency by maintaining confidentiality and security. Automation allows the construction firm to have cost and time efficiencies by reducing human errors and confidentiality frauds.

The construction industry includes complex operations and massive data which create the need for Information Technology. Therefore, employees in construction companies must adapt to new forms of technology to achieve the time, cost and quality goals of a construction project. The construction firm which focuses on including smart technology in different phases will have better competitive advantage in the future. iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. ensures the delivery of sustainable and custom software to reduce the complexity of operations in the construction industry. We strive to render services with reduced client costs and enable them to do efficient and quality work.



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FAQs for custom
Construction software development

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. is an esteemed Construction software development company, that offers astonishing IT consulting services to clients. After studying the business requirements of the client, our business analysts meet up with the development team and discuss the project work scope. The final print with complete details such as technology stack, tools, timeline, and the team would be shared with the client.

We help our Construction industrial clients with these custom development solutions and services:

  • Custom Construction software development solutions
  • Bid management software
  • ERP for Construction industry
  • Equipment management software
  • Mobile Apps for Construction Industry
  • Construction accounting software
  • Third-party integration services for Construction software

The demand for construction management software is sky-high in the Construction industry as it manages the time taking and complex tasks. You could find these benefits with Construction management software:

  • Improved communication and planning of field operations
  • Enables external stakeholders to connect with construction agencies for solutions and suggestions.
  • Efficiently manage construction project budget for the resources such as labor, equipment, tools, etc.
  • Seamless resource management with cost control and revenue estimation.
  • Easy document sharing to multiple users.

Our experts prefer these technologies for bespoke construction software development

.NET, React.js, .NET Core, Node.js, Angular, Mobile technologies, WPF, etc.

Here are the modules we can build for your custom ERP software

  • Admin module
  • Inventory module
  • Purchase module
  • HR
  • Bidding module
  • Contractor Payment
  • Plants module
  • Investment management

Yes, we offer native and cross-platform mobile app development services for the Construction industry.

Yes, our experts can help you with third-party integration services for your existing system.

Our experts review your codebase, it’s quality and working process. If it’s of high quality, we will proceed with it otherwise we’ll start over to avoid uncertain errors.

At iFour, we keep high level of privacy at all levels. We take necessary measures to enhance security and make every professional sign an NDA to remain your project idea secret.

Our Network engineers maintain password-protected mechanisms in the project work environment and provide access rights to only project-related developers. They also utilize data encryption techniques and effective tools such as firewalls, and antivirus to provide a secure barrier.

We utilize key tools such as Skype, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and GoToMeeting to coordinate with the team of developers and clients.

Our developers use GitHub and Bitbucket to manage source code of your Construction management project.

Yes, after the deployment, we will hand you true ownership rights of your construction software project with all its source-code.

We will provide you the login credentials of the system hosted on our in-house server to monitor and check your project status.

Yes, we do provide maintenance services for your Construction software and resolve customer concerns in the least possible time.

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