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Life Cycle Assessment System for Packaging Industry

Life Cycle Assessment System for Packaging Industry

About Customer

The customer is an Australian company who helps business and policy makers to understand the overall impact of their activities and improve their sustainability performance. They have grown internally as well as they have strategic alliances with other consultants and research organizations. The customer undertakes projects on life cycle assessment, training, software support and data development.


Customer was in need to have a streamlined tool to assess the Product Life Cycle which can evaluate the environmental impacts and resource consumption profiles of different packaging options successfully. There was a need of a solution which can conduct the assessment in less time but deliver value in an effective way. The design should be intuitive and customer friendly.

The customer faced decision making challenges as they used traditional methods for various calculations. And hence this created a big impact in managing their services. Thus the need was to have a solution which could process critical information alongside bring down cost, increase performance and provide structural integrity to leverage the business decisions.


iFour Technolab, a

leading custom environment software development company in USA

, automated the processes of evaluating and analyzing impact of environmental changes on a product's lifecycle and hence makes the calculations simpler. The features of the different modules comprise of the following:
  • A robust Login module to provide reliable security with password protection.
  • A comprehensively segregated toolbar that makes the difference in the modules understandable.
  • An informative dashboard with handy layout features, quick access and synchronization to details of all existing and newly created projects.
  • Organization module which have its own users to use the system, Organization can also have teams with whom organization can share projects and workflow.
  • A holistic project management scenario that offers abundantly required options for detailed inputs like scenario details, package & content details, packaging level details etc.
  • Hassle free package creation and component creation for convenient usage.
  • Explicitly filling process monitoring for a smooth filling.
  • Add wholesale, retail and consumer data so that an immaculate transfer of the product from one stage to another is realized.
  • Informative and graphical reports module
  • Custom module to capture user specific requirements to support individual business needs.
  • Import data module which imports the data of a particular project, scenario, and impact values of the respective projects etc.
  • Interactive Message module to send internal messages amongst the users information sharing and updates.
  • Informative News module to share news with the organization users.
  • Export logs to export data to external sources for proper analysis and feedback generation.
  • Custom category to add indicators to impact values of the organization.
  • Help center to ensure maintenance and support for long term relationships.

iFour has a team of experts in web development & software development technologies as well. You can hire ASP.Net developer, Angular developer, WPF developer, NodeJS developer, and blockchain developer based on your requirement.

Technology Used


Web Application

Web Server


Programming Language

ASP.Net (C#) Framework 4.5

Database Management Server

MySQL Server 2016



Client Technology

JavaScript, JQuery

Version Control


Other Google distance API



iFour Technolab provided a

sustainable solution

that helped the customer to evaluate the environmental changes in an easy and efficient way. The customer found new ways to perform various calculations of impacts over different stages of the Product's Life Cycle in managing their services. It also enhanced the decision making ability of the client and in turn deliver value to its respective customers.