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Airplane Parking Reservation System

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The customer had the requirement from his Aviation client (Airport operations management firm) for effectively managing the schedules of flight arrivals and departures. The client had to suffer financial loss due to inaccurate billing and charges associated with aircraft done by their employees. The client lacked the calculative, analytical, and reporting capabilities for fuel consumption and was in need of a system that overcomes such concerns..

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Technology Used




Web Server

ASP.NET (C#) Framework 4.5

Programming Language

Microsoft SQL Server

Database Management Server

MVC / Entity framework


JavaScript, JQuery

Client Technology


Version Control

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The new system comprises of following features:

  • 'Aircraft scheduler' assists the administrator to manage the scheduling of airplanes by estimating the arrival and departure time of airplanes.

  • 'Aircraft inventory management' module manages information such as available seats, service class, fuel prices, pilot details, company details, uniquely for each aircraft.

  • 'Airplane parking reservation' module handles the allocation of the parking area to active planes, arriving planes and departed planes at the airport.

  • 'Profile management' module enables to create user accounts and manage them efficiently.

  • 'Ramp charging' calculates parking fees based on the airplane’s usage of parking area and weight of the airplane.

  • System offers the functionality of accurately billing the ramp charges, fuel prices, and discounts for airplanes using the airport.

  • Restricted and monitored access to system for various users based on roles and rights assigned to them.

  • The administrator has the capability to add different types of billing charges and fuels, in the system.

  • Facility to request multiple fuel types for multiple aircraft.

  • Summary reports providing detailed information on scheduling and charging of airplanes based on the duration of their stay.

  • 'Customized report template' module to generate robust and user-friendly reports using different report formats and the flexibility to export the reports in pdf format.

image Conclusion/Results

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. provided a sustainable solution by developing a robust airplane reservation system that completely automated the aircraft scheduling and parking reservation process. The system ensured real time tracking of arrival and departure time of airplanes and monitored the parking area allocated to each aircraft on the airport. Accurate and reliable charging methods provided by the system ensured that the client no longer incurred financial losses.


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