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iOS is an operating system and it is a subset of Mac OS X. It can run on different devices such as iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TVs. It acts as an intermediate between applications and hardware.

iOS architecture technology consists of four abstraction layers:

  • Core OS layer: Services such as security, local authentication and Bluetooth frameworks
  • Core Service layer: Basic system services such as core foundation, location and networking services
  • Media layer: Enables audio, video and graphic capabilities
  • Cocoa touch layer: Supports basic app infrastructure and key application frameworks such as multitasking, touch-based inputs and push notifications, etc.

The user interface is based on the concept of direct manipulation using multi-touch gestures. The iOS software development kit includes interfaces, tools and resources. It includes special packages called frameworks. A framework is nothing but a directory that contains a dynamic shared library and resources such as header files, applications, images and so on. The key components of a software development kit are Xcode tools, an iOS simulator and an iOS developer library.

iFour Technolab’s expertise lies in creating impressive applications that offer the best speed and have an unbeatable user experience for end users. We follow the best industry practices in iOS application development to provide complete customized solutions.

Benefits of iOS apps

  • An application for every type of business – creating a platform that suits the customer best.
  • iOS is a more lucrative platform than others in the market. The in-app sales and revenues are higher on iOS than on Android.
  • To maintain app quality, Apple has quality parameters that need to be fulfilled before being listed on the app store.
  • Better user experience
  • High scalability
  • High degree of security for enterprise data
  • Integrated data handling systems.

Why “iOS mobile app development”?

One of the most popular smart phones in the market today is the Apple iPhone. The company has been launching a new version every year consistently which has revolutionized the smart phone industry.

With the changing market and increasing use of smart phone devices, custom iPhone application development is the need of the hour for many businesses. iPhones are easy-to-use and a trend setter these days, given their robust features. iPhone apps include a range of options - from entertainment to corporate businesses.

Why choose us

Looking for big ideas for your small screen? iFour Technolab will help you explore creative solutions for your complex business needs. We work on small screens but think big. We believe in design first and then development.No matter if it is IOS or Android app development, getting your business strategy right is our goal and our unique custom development team will support your organization right from development to providing service.

We go beyond just offering services in customized iPhone application development. Our expert team of mobile app developers offers a wide spectrum of iOS applications which are intuitive and have the best user experience.

ios mobile app development services
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Get the most amazing iOS mobile apps for your business

  • iOS App development services

    Applications such as e-commerce apps, social media apps, enterprise apps, fitness apps and many more.

  • Customization services

    The applications are customized based on the business needs of the organization.

  • App UI/UX design

    UI is the user interface for software that focuses on maximizing usability and user experience.

  • Location-based mobile solutions

    Services that use software level services that use the location of the data to control the features of the app.

  • Build and deploy App services

    Services at the right time with the right quality.

  • Integration services

    iFour helps to integrate your business applications with the mobile app.

  • Maintenance and support services

    Technical support, incident-based support, installations and updates services, etc.

  • Application redesigning

    Designs are updated and improved keeping in mind the dynamic environment and changing business needs.

Besides mobile app development, iFour Technolab has a team of expert software developers and web developers. You can always hire our WPF developers, .NET developers, Angular developers, Node.js developers or Blockchain developers and take your project to the next level.



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FAQS for iOS Mobile App Development

iFour Technolab is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner with over 10 years of market presence. We have experienced, vetted, and certified professionals who assist global clients with flawless iOS mobile app development services and help them stay ahead in the competition. In addition, we take pretty care of clients’ intellectual property and keep security at top priority.

iOS mobile phones are costlier than Android because of their luxurious nature and features. However, iOS phones are known for impeccable security and excellent performance. It helps you to reach a broad range of audiences and run the business on a large scale. With iOS mobiles, you can explore your business potential through an effective monetization strategy with paid Ads. Moreover, it reduces fragmentation issues and offers a flawless user experience.

iFour Technolab provides two ways to hire iOS developers. i.e., Hire a dedicated team and Hourly-based model.

Choose your best one depending on your business requirements.

Given below is our hiring process:

  • Requirements gathering and comprehension
  • Sharing CV of our resources
  • Shortlisting iOS app developers
  • Contract agreement and payment process
  • Team introduction and project discussion
  • Work environment setup
  • Project begins

For more details, contact us now.

Our experts use Objective C, Swift, SQLite database, and hybrid platforms like Xamarin, Ionic, and Flutter for iOS mobile app development.

Yes, we’ll provide you with complete ownership rights of your iOS application at the end of project tenure.

Yes, we can help you with app customization services for your existing iOS mobile app.

Yes, it is completely safe to share your app idea with our experts. They are bound by our company policies and will sign an NDA to accomplish project security.

Either project manager, business analyst, or development team would be in direct contact with you based on the development process and approach you are comfortable with.

Yes, we can help you with maintenance and support services for your iOS mobile app and resolve user concerns effectively.

Yes, we offer around 90-120 days of the warranty period, depending on your iOS mobile app features, size, and modules.

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