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Mobile devices are everywhere with increasingly greater roles in the lives of everyone with easy usage and easy accessibility. Today a large number of devices and platforms are being newly introduced in the world of mobiles. The mobile technology has improved a lot in recent years, mobile gadgets have gotten smaller, more powerful, and very useful. Apart from communication, smartphones have also become a source of fun and entertainment in people’s life. Applications for smartphones have become their soul which requires huge investment in specific mobile technology resources with programming expertise and mobile platform knowledge. iFour Technolab, a profound Mobile application development company in USA provides custom mobile applications globally with the best-fitting mobile technology and platform.

With the fact that there are large number of mobile users when compared to PC and any other devices, iFour provides Android as well as iOS mobile app development services to its clientele across the world. Keeping the focus on latest releases with their up-to-date knowledge, our meritorious team of experts helps Clients to gain the magnificent results, that provide momentum to your Application business in the market.

Why Mobile Technologies are pre-eminent nowadays?

Amplify your brand with high performance and feature-stowed Mobile Apps

When we talk about mobile apps, the first thing that clicks to our mind is its UI/UX Design. That means front-end also plays a crucial role in Mobile App development. Following to that, the App functionality, its performance, easy-to-use features makes its significance which comes under back-end services. No matter whether it is iOS or Android, we, at iFour provide both front-end as well as back-end services with eye-catching responsiveness and enhanced operability to the Mobile App.

The market share for smartphones is changing rapidly between different platforms and therefore the requirement of any platform is unpredictable. The number of platforms makes for greater competition in the market place and consequently create constraints on what can be delivered to the end-user. Thus, a detailed insight of the operating environment and requirements is necessary to identify the best fit solution for customer needs.

iFour Technolab is committed to providing cutting-edge mobile application development services for a wide range of customers and industries that help garner long-term sustainable business benefits to accelerate business growth.

Our top-notch Mobile App Development Services

iFour shape your ideas into a comprehensive app development

iFour is a leading mobile app development and Outsourcing firm, that helps you to with Business solutions to develop any kind of Mobile Applications like Dating App, Business App, eCommerce related App, matrimonial apps, Lifestyle Apps, etc. imparting with technical support and maintenance of the product. This offshore firm has talented Project Managers, Android developers, iOS developers that can assist clients in the integration of third-party tools and modules to the Product or App.


While considering mobile strategy, one platform for many clients cannot lead to the best solution, because the best approach for one business may be entirely different from one another. iFour Technolab delivers high-end custom mobile applications that provides technologically efficient solution to clients with the latest mobile technologies and platforms as following:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Windows

iFour Technolab has profound expertise in cross-platform mobile application technology. Cross platform technology provides the user experience and services of native apps with the multi-platform compatibility of the mobile web application. Cross-platform technology involves web technologies with standalone tools. iFour Technolab is rendering best-in-class custom mobile applications to various domains using following popular mobile technologies:

Xamarin -It is a .Net based mobile application development platform with the best compatibility for all the mobile platforms available. With profound experience in .Net and Xamarin’s reusability, scalability, and compatibility qualities, iFour Technolab renders multi-platform mobile applications to clients with great time and cost advantages.

Telerik AppBuilder -Popular cross-platform supports various mobile application platforms. It enhances the application development capability with the AppBuilder feature, which helps to support various IDEs. It is also equipped with Apache Cordova or Native Script APIs for the production of cross-platform and native applications. With this tremendous amount of flexibility and freedom in development process, our technical experts develop a sustainable and powerful custom mobile application that suits industry-specific needs.

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Our core areas of expertise include:

iPad app development

Android mobile app development

Web app development

iPhone app development

Windows mobile app development

Cross-platform app development

Hybrid app development

Xamarin Mobile App Development

Why choose us?

iFour provides customer-oriented and technologically advanced application solutions

iFour team gives maximum attention to each step in the full-cycle of mobile application development project. Our professionals follow established development processes and proven methodology which provides unique mobile application development solution to client’s business problems. We offer a wide range of advantages that allows financial benefits to clients. Our sophisticated solutions and even transformation of the most complex concepts into a real-time helps us to build efficient applications

iFour Technolab has a large experience in native, cross-platform and hybrid mobile application technologies. We determine based on client’s needs and requirements, if a native app for each supported platform is the best way to go, or if we start developing a hybrid application or even go for a mobile web application.

Our mobile application professionals constantly adapt to changes in the technologies and train themselves to improve skills and competencies to deliver latest mobile industry technologies to customers. With smart and veteran mobile development team, iFour specializes in the design and development of mobile applications in any of the platforms mentioned above. Our team possesses the required dexterity and competency to offer just the right platform with user-friendly and client-oriented solutions while successfully satisfying client’s expectations and delivering solutions at par.

Key advantages of using our services:

High performance1
Cross-Platform Coverage2
Quick results3
User Experience Design4
Expandability & Interoperability5
Stimulated Delivery6
100% transparency7
IP Protection and high security8
Our Agile Approach
iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd.
FAQs for Mobile Application Development Technology

Yes, we are proficient in developing both Android and iOS apps, as per the client requirements. It’s normal for clients to have the desire for their applications to work across web and mobile devices, so we utilize development frameworks such as React and React native that empower us to rapidly reinforce both platforms.

Definitely, you will be allocated relevant copyright or license rights for the bespoke code that we use for your project. We are ingenious with cognitive property rights, and you will have the opportunity to evaluate our code proprietorship terms before the project initiates.

At iFour Technolab, we are equipped to sign NDA even before you share your idea with us, although, we ensure to support a high level of privacy with respect to your idea, with an NDA and even without it.

Every app is different with different prices of development. It’s quite tough to quote a single cost for two mobile app developments. It is actually their modules and functionalities that determine the cost of development.

It’s absolutely fine, we stay honest for both technical and non-technical customers. In fact, we have worked for several clients from non-IT fields and have assisted each of them by productively implementing their apps, from delivering an idea to deploying it on stores.

Mobile application development involves various steps. Even a minute of unconsciousness at a single place can generate security-related problems to the app. All these can cause security and data theft and thus utilize the following things to make every app safe:

  1. Encode sensitive data to make data storage shielded.
  2. Utilizing a Token-based authentication system so that both input and output are not get hacked during the data transference.

Here is the standard development procedure we follow at iFour Technolab:

  1. Analyze and understand the requirements
  2. Scope & Estimations
  3. Wire-framing & designing
  4. Development
  5. Testing
  6. App Store Optimization
  7. Deployment
  8. Support and Maintenance

Yes, somewhere we will require your support while testing the project. We have methods for testing and quality assurance, but the way we think and utilize your app is somewhat different from how you will. You explained the project, and you know what you desire better than anyone, so you will possibly use and interact easily with what we have built-in different ways that we couldn’t have anticipated.

We are involved in developing all the types of mobile applications incorporating Native Apps Development, Hybrid Apps Development, and Mobile-web Apps Development.

We have provided solutions for the industries like eCommerce, Banking, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Fleet, Media, Retail, NGOs, and many others.

At iFour Technolab, we are well-known for delivering full-cycle solutions. From conceptuality to post-sale support and maintenance, we will continue with you at every individual phase and assure you that your app will be bug-free.

Just a simple way. You can either contact us or write us at

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