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Android is one of the fastest-growing operating systems for smartphone devices. It remains popular because of its updates, versatility, user-friendliness and flexibility.

The very first Android phone was launched in 2008 and that created a new digital era, leading to a tremendous shift in mobile handset technology and the application economy world. It enabled mobile phones and tablets to freely use various apps with seamless customization. By 2012, the number of app downloads from the play store had reached billions.

Today, a mobile app is a necessity for any business as it helps reach customers and goals faster. If your business is in need of such a powerful yet profitable app, iFour Technolab is the right partner for you.

The demand for Android apps has increased because of the variety of offerings they provide. After being acquired by Google, the development and visibility of Android apps have become seamless and stronger.

iFour Technolab’s expertise lies in creating impressive applications that offer the best speed and an unbeatable user experience for end-users. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience in Android app development and effectively help you with interactive applications for your business. In addition, we follow industry best practices in native application development to provide clients with a completely customized solution.

Why “Android mobile app development”?

Android mobile app development enables you to build the best apps for your business without the need for any stringent hardware or tools to support them. These apps can be integrated effortlessly with Google Mail and Calendar.

Android has been a rapidly growing open-source platform - it is fast, cost-efficient and reliable.

Benefits of Android apps

  • Open-source technology: It has advantages such as open-source licensing, no royalty and an excellent framework. It allows seamless interactions with upcoming application updates.
  • Easy integration: It allows you to simplify your complex technical customization and integration with a web app or a smartphone.
  • Low investments and high ROI (Return on Investment): Android provides a free SDK (Software Development Kit) to developers which cuts down licensing and development costs.
  • Sales channels: There is no single market to distribute your application; it can be deployed in different ways, unlike other mobile applications.
  • Easy in adoption: Applications are scripted in Java language and it is easy to script code in Java for Android OS.
  • Better user experience: With Android, businesses can offer a seamless user experience to their customers.
  • High scalability: It provides high scalability for the apps and enhances functionalities according to user demands.
  • Worldwide reception: With the increasing number of Android gadgets in the business sector worldwide, it is clear that Android apps have a very large market. The advantages of Android can no longer be overlooked.
android mobile app development services
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Get your business reach new heights with Android app development

Our Services

  • Android App development services

    We can develop competent applications such as e-commerce apps, social media apps, enterprise apps, fitness apps, and many more.

  • Customization services

    We customize apps based on the client’s business needs.

  • Application redesigning

    Designs are updated and improved constantly, given the dynamic environment and changing business needs.

  • Mobile enablement

    Leverage Android to BYOD and access mainframe systems.

  • Android widget development

    Our experts can help you with an intuitive interface, information sharing push notifications and increasing engagement.

  • Android app testing and portability

    We have a team of testers to test and deliver flawless mobile apps.

  • App UI/UX design

    We can build an attractive UI for your app to offer an incredible user experience and maximize usability.

  • Location-based mobile solutions

    Our experts follow software-level service standards to build location-based mobile solutions.

  • Integration services

    Our developers can deal with integration services for your business systems.

  • Maintenance and support services

    We provide technical support, installations, update services, etc.

    Our developers have superior experience in Android application development as well as other technologies that are required to build the applications in today’s dynamic market. We help our clients to gain an edge over their competitors and to reach out to a larger global audience with less-time-to-market and in a cost-efficient way.

    Along with Mobile App development services, iFour Technolab is proficient in software development and web development services with customization. You can hire our Node.js developers, .NET developers, Angular developers, WPF developers, or Blockchain developers any time, according to your business needs.



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FAQs for Android Mobile App Development

We are a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner with over 10 years of market experience. We have experienced, vetted, and certified professionals who assist global clients with flawless mobile app development services and help them stay ahead in the competition.

Android is the fastest growing mobile platform and it provides the following benefits

  • Amazing user experience
  • Enables customization with fine scalability
  • Easy integration support
  • Increases value for your business
  • Helps to reach a broad range of audience
  • Low investments and high returns, and many more.

Yes, we can help you with app customization services for your existing app.

Making a huge investment and launching the app immediately could fail to meet the actual market needs. Hence, it is recommended to test your ideal concept with a quick release of MVP and work on user feedback.

We ensure your app idea remains secret with us. We make our Android developers sign NDA to accomplish project security.

We have accomplished network engineers who maintain password-protected mechanisms for the systems and continuously monitor the network. In addition, we take appropriate measures to enhance security in the working environment.

Yes, you can check and monitor your project status while it is in the development phase. You can also get in touch with our team using Skype, Gmail, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Microsoft Teams.

Our team of developers would take care of your app and will publish it on the store. However, you can also do it on your own if required.

Either project manager, business analyst, or development team would be in direct touch with you depending on the development process and approach you are comfortable with.

Yes, we will provide you with complete ownership rights for your mobile app project at the end of the project tenure.

We offer 90-120 days of warranty depending on your project size, features, components, navigation, etc.

Yes, we offer support and maintenance services for mobile applications as well. Our engineers sort out customer concerns through the ticket creation process.

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