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Mobile phones have disrupted the marketplace like no other device has. From application building to collaboration - among other areas - cell phones are everywhere. This revolution in the mobile phone applications space offers great ways to deliver services to companies and their stakeholders. These applications are user friendly and provide an excellent interactive experience to all their users.

Native mobile apps are best for companies that focus on offering an excellent user experience. These are developed in a specific programming language, i.e., Objective C or Swift for iOS. No other apps can beat them when it comes to performance and reliability. These applications run on mobile devices directly and have access to all mobile phone features such as GPS, camera, accelerometer, etc.

Types of Application development

There are three kinds of application development which
are as follows

  • Native application development

    These are specific to the given mobile platform (iOS or Android) and they use the language and development tool specific to the respective platform, i.e., Objective C, Eclipse, Java, Android, Xcode.

  • Cross-platform mobile application development

    They use standard web technologies, i.e., HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. This is a write-once-and-runs-anywhere concept and it can build cross-platform mobile applications that will work on multiple devices.

  • Hybrid application development

    These apps make it possible to embed HTML5 applications inside a native box, and combine the best features of native and HTML5 apps.

    There are a few ways in which you can choose an application.

    • Quality of experience with the app
    • Complexity of the features inside your app
    • Budget

    Overall, if we compare the market and its business needs, native apps are more intuitive than hybrid applications. They are available across all app stores and are completely secure.

    iFour Technolab develops Native mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Our experts are perfect in the art of building the most engaging, high-quality native mobile apps, given their years of experience. We understand the nitty-gritty of all the mobile platforms and develop the mobile apps accordingly.

    Our expertise lies in creating impressive applications that offer the best speed and have an unbeatable user experience for end-users. We follow the best industry practices in native application development to provide completely customized solutions.

Why “Native mobile app development”?

Every company is faced with competition and untapped business opportunities. As a result, they want their applications built and released to the market in the least possible time.

On the other hand, users expect a great experience which is intuitive and responsive, combined with speed. The solution to this problem is “Native Applications”. These guarantee the success of the mobile application, as they solve two key requirements of the user, i.e., speed and user experience.


Our proficiency

Looking for one of the best mobile application development companies in the USA? iFour Technolab is the right place for your business needs. With our intuitive designs and customized development, we develop applications that are different yet user friendly, responsive and faster. We help start-ups, large and small organizations in their wide range of businesses to improve their operational efficiency cost and make them technologically competitive.
We offer custom application development for businesses to engage their users effectively.

Benefits of Native apps

  • Native applications work in line with the device’s in-built features, therefore they are easy to work with and are also faster on the device.

  • Native apps have the best user experience, high performance, and better security than other application development methods.

  • The application’s success depends on how good the user experience is. Native mobile development frameworks are the best, by far, to achieve this goal.

  • The user can navigate through the mobile app with all the content, visual elements, structures ready on the device, available for instant loading, thus providing a faster seamless experience regardless of the device’s internet speed.

  • Native applications are intuitive and responsive - matching the user’s expectations.

  • App stores and other marketplaces provide adequate support for these native apps. Users can, thus, find them easily and download the applications of their choice.

Call To Action

Native mobile apps that help you reach broad range of audience

  • Native mobile app development

    • iOS mobile app
    • Android mobile app
    • Windows mobile app
  • Customization services

    The applications are customized based on the business needs of the organization.

  • Application redesigning

    Designs are updated and improved, given the dynamic environment and changing business needs

  • Mobile UI design

    UI is the user interface for software that focuses on maximizing usability and user experience

  • Mobile web services

    Browser-based internet services from mobile devices through mobile or wireless networks

  • Location-based mobile solutions

    Services that use software-level service and the location of the data to control the features

  • Build and deploy Apps services

    Proper services are delivered on time with assured quality

  • Integration services

    iFour provides services to integrate your business applications with the mobile app

  • Maintenance and support services

    Technical support, incident-based support, installations and updates services, etc.



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FAQs for Native
Mobile App Development

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner having vetted and experienced professionals at all levels. We have assisted over 15 industries, and more than 50 Startups with top-class mobile app development solutions and helped them achieve business goals faster.

Yes, our mobile app developers can help you with native apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Certainly! We will provide you with all the copyrights of your app and source code once it is live.

Yes, we can help you with mobile app integration services to your existing system.

Yes, we have an incredible team of support engineers who offer L2 support for your app and resolve customer concerns effectively.

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