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iFour Team - June 02, 2022

Important features of the Aviation software

Table of Content 1. Auto-tracking & scheduling 2. Error-free data with the use of AI 3. Aerial surveillance 4. Air Aviation stock control 5. VR training 6. Real-time data 7. Revenue evaluation 8. Conclusion The Airline industry is rapidly expanding and strives to be more productive and efficient. Technology advancement has completely changed the corporate world, and the Airline industry is no less competitive in embracing it. Experts believe that the use...


iFour Team - January 07, 2021

Top 10 emerging technology trends for Aviation industry

The Aviation industry is experiencing a ground-breaking change with the waves of technological advancements. The transformations with eclectic ideas are creatingwonders in the airport premisesand surprising the passengers traveling to their destinations.Some of the attractions are self-driving robots and wheelchairs, flying taxi services, AI machines, captivating screens, etc.Because of the right mix of these technologies, Airlines get a sustainable growth and increase in profits. By harnessing...

https://www.ifourtechnolab.com/pics/Landscape of Aviation Industry.webp

iFour Team - May 03, 2017

Information Technology: Changing the Landscape of Aviation Industry

Table of Content 1. Information Technology: Changing the Landscape of Aviation Industry 2. Increase in customer expectations 3. Increase in pressure to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency 4. Increase in competition Information Technology: Changing the Landscape of Aviation Industry Technological advancements have been transforming the aviation industry. Digital technologies have been the driving factor for improving airlines’ operational efficiency....


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