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iFour Team - June 01, 2022

How important the theme is in eCommerce?

Table of Content 1. Creative theme helps to capture customer attention 2. Right theme can increase sales 3. Theme that aids with rapid and easy loading 4. Responsive and SEO-friendly theme 5. Theme is important for trust building 6. Visually appealing and uniqueness 7. Theme should be solid, consistent, and expressive 8. Theme must be subtle and not overpowering 9. Choose high-quality and customizable themes 10. E-Commerce site should look professional 11. Choose...


iFour Team - May 27, 2022

A complete guide on eCommerce conversion rate optimization

Table of Content 1. Define your goals 2. Know your target audience 3. Simplified UI/UX design, simple navigation, and high resolution images 4. Design a dedicated landing page for visitors 5. Essential information with CTA images and videos for the product 6. Keep shopping cart visible to your customers 7. Sell your product and gain customer trust 8. A satisfying browsing experience 9. Provide personalized outfits 10.Display discounts and provide advanced research 11....


iFour Team - March 15, 2022

7 proven Tips to Secure Your Ecommerce Website

Table of Content 1. What is e-commerce security? 1.1 Choose a Secure E-Commerce Platform 1.2 Implement SSL Certificate 1.3 Maintain a Security-Focused Mindset 1.4 Choose a Strong Hosting 1.5 Update Your Site & Plug-ins Regularly 1.6 Keep your site up to date 1.7 Monitor Transactions 2. Final verdict Ecommerce...


Akshay - February 09, 2022

How can eCommerce companies improve post-purchase engagement and increase retention?

Table of Content 1. Why are post-purchase engagement and customer retention important? 2. Best ways to improve post-purchase engagement and increase retention 2.1. Use customer accounts 2.2. Optimize your confirmation and shipping emails 2.3. Asking your customer for product reviews 2.4. Respond to all kinds of reviews, including good and bad 2.5. Suggesting carefully selected complementary products 2.6. Building online communities for your brand 2.7. Provide...


Jake Rheude - February 02, 2022

5 Tips to Gain Customer Trust at the Start of Your ECommerce Career

Table of Content 1. Use multiple photos 2. Keep reviews real 3. Don’t hide fees 4. Offer free shipping 5. Highlight trust signals and information 6. Ask for feedback When’s the last time you bought something from a store you didn’t trust? Did it go well enough for you to try that again? If you’re ready to give another random eCommerce store a chance, that’s great! But, you might be much more adventurous than your typical shopper or the audience...


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