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5 Ways to Stop Cyberattacks and Digital Threats Using AI

Cybercriminals are admirable in one aspect. They never stop in their efforts to increase the sophistication of their attacks. They infiltrate governments, businesses, and even individuals. They manage to keep cybersecurity players busy looking for ways to stop the threats. There is a great need for lasting solutions to cyberattacks. Yet, innovative technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI) may provide areas of vulnerability. Cybersecurity players fear that AI in the wrong...

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Importance of NDA for any Software Development Firm

NDA stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement and it plays an extreme role when it comes to outsourcing your project to software development companies. Not only does it help to secure your project idea but also increases your confidence to share commercially-sensitive information with the company. Besides, having complete access to the data stand to reason why IT organizations make their developers sign an NDA agreement. Table of Content 1. NDAs are more important in the startup...

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A Guide to Identify and Resolve Software Vulnerabilities in 2021

Security breaches are continuously rising, especially during the pandemic. Hackers are taking advantage of the fact that most companies now store confidential data in the cloud and run software applications even on mobile devices. With the constantly increasing points of entry, it’s no wonder malicious agents are becoming bolder with their attempts. Organizations of all sizes are susceptible to security risks that’s why every business must take necessary precautions to...

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The Relationship between Privacy and Security

Some people consider privacy and security to be the same thing. That’s because the terms sometimes overlap, which causes confusion. The truth is, security and privacy are different but related. And it’s a great idea to have both, as each can affect your online safety. Table of Content 1. What’s the difference between security & privacy? 2. The significance of security 3. Consumers want their privacy 4. Are there any tools that allow both security...

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Why Data Security Should Be a Top Priority for Businesses?

In previous years, 67 % of small businesses practiced a cyber-attack, and 58 % accomplished a data breach. In the era of the Internet, data security is one of the significant issues to correlate in business. Few of the largest organizations in the world expend a notable portion of their resources addressing this matter. Table of Content 1. It reduces overall productivity 2. Data security preserve your customers 3. Create a comprehensive cybersecurity plan 4. It defines...

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