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Authentication using cookie for frontend application in ASP.NET Core web API

In earlier days, there was no separation between the front end and back end, and these applications were treated as one. The authentication and authorization in web API can be done using cookies in the same way for a normal web application. The main advantage of using the cookie is to set it up easier than the JWT token. To secure web apps cookie-based authentication is the most popular choice. Table of Content 1. Cookie Options 2. Server Configuration 3. Defining...

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Stored data in local SQLite.NET Database

In this blog, we will be going to talk about how to use the SQLite local Database in Xamarin.Forms with crud operation. This article describes how to use SQLite.Net as shared code to store and extract information into a local database. Table of Content 1. SQLite Means 2. How to use SQLite Database in Xamarin forms with Crud Operation? 3. Conclusion SQLite Means SQLite is a popular choice of local database storage in application software. It is probably the most...

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ASP.NET Core Blazor Hosting Models

A blazer is a web framework that is application-based within a browser. Designed to run server-side in NET runtime (Blazer WebAssembly) or ASP.NET Core (Blazer Server). Regardless of the hosting model, the application and component models are identical. Table of Content 1. Blazor WebAssembly 2. Blazor Server 3. Comparison with server-rendered UI 4. Circuits 5. Conclusion Blazor WebAssembly The primary Blazor hosting model is running client-side within the...

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Entity Framework vs NHibernate: Understand similarities and differences

Entity Framework and NHibernate are Object-relational mapping frameworks (ORM) and are used to map database schema to domain objects in any object-oriented language. Table of Content 1. What is Entity Framework? 2. What is NHibernate? 3. Version History 3.1. Entity Framework 3.2. NHibernate 4. Platforms 4.1. Entity Framework 4.2. NHibernate 4.3. Platforms 5. Supported database 5.1. Entity Framework 5.2. NHibernate 5.3....

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Important tools for .NET developers

The blog covered what are .NET tools and a few important tools for developers to create programs and make development part easy. Table of Content 1. What are Tools? 2. Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code 3. LinqPad 4. ReSharper 5. Azure Storage Explorer 6. Notepad++ 7. Postman 8. GitHub Desktop 9. NuGet Package Explorer 10. Conclusion What are Tools? The tools are any programs and utility which help programmers or used to develop programs and...

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