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Emerging database management

Top 8 emerging database management trends

Due to the rapid increase of users in this digital world, the demand for database servers is reaching heights. Newer technologies and conceptions like hardware improvements in RAM and CPU, indexing, etc. have enabled servers to perform at lightening-speed. Retrieving thousands of records in a matter of seconds, managing volumes of data on servers with fine security have become possible through these newer technologies. With quintillion bytes of data being rapidly transferred every day,...

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Planning Database

Planning for Database Backup Strategy - 7 Must-Haves You Cannot Ignore

Database crashes are detrimental to the health of your business. Its results are devastating, and in extreme cases, it will cause your business to shut down completely. If you do not have a proper data backup strategy, your organization will suffer long downtimes resulting in lost work hours and unsatisfied customers. Table of Content 1. Safeguard your data before it's too late 2. What are the key elements of a good database backup strategy for your business? 2.1....

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