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Hemangi Tank - July 21, 2021

Xamarin Forms - ReactiveUi ToDo List

Table of Content 1. What is ReactiveUi? 2. Generating ToDo List using ReactiveUi 3. Conclusion What is ReactiveUi? It is an advanced, Functional reactive MVVM and composable framework for all .Net frameworks. ReactiveUi supports reactive programming to ease the implementation of the MVVM patterns in the application. MVVM frame- Compared to other works, ReactiveUi is not very dictatorial. Here, the Reactive Extensions (Rx) library is an appropriate...

https://www.ifourtechnolab.com/pics/Exposure Notification API Support for Xamarin Apps.webp

iFour Team - June 09, 2021

Exposure Notification API Support for Xamarin Apps

A few months ago, Apple and Google announced plans for creating Exposure Notification APIs. Google and Apple have produced Exposure Notification APIs through Bluetooth Low Energy to help in contact tracing for both Android and iOS. The Xamarin team is closely following developments and the first codeview of the binding for Android and iOS Exposure APIs has now come out. To make it understandable for their users Apple and Google have changed...


iFour Team - April 01, 2021

How to create Xamarin.Forms Behaviors?

Behaviors allow us to add functionalities to the UI (User Interface) controls without sub-classing them. Behaviors are written in code behind file and added to the controls. The controls are in XAML or code. In this blog, we will discuss Xamarin.Forms Behaviors. Xamarin.Forms behaviors are created by deriving Behavior or Behavior class, where T is a type of control on which behavior will apply. Follow this process to create Xamarin.Forms behaviors: First of all, create a class and...


iFour Team - March 19, 2021

OAuth Login Authentication with identity provider in Xamarin.Forms

Many applications require the addition of user authentication, and this always means enabling your users to sign in to their existing Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and now Apple Pull sign-in accounts.   Table of Content 1. Step 1 - Create New Xamarin.Forms Project 2. Step 2: Give the project name 3. Step 3: Select template 4. Step 4 - Install OAuth Client Components 5. Step 5 - Create Base Login Page (SecuredLoginPage.Xaml) 6. Step 6 - Create identity provider login...

https://www.ifourtechnolab.com/pics/pages in Xamarin.webp

iFour Team - March 04, 2021

Page Navigation between two pages in Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin is an open-source platform to develop Cross-platform and multi-platform applications, for example, Android, iOS, Windows. In this platform code sharing concept is used. We can write business logic in a single language but achieve native performance, look and feel on each platform. In this blog, we will discuss page navigation between two pages in Xamarin.Forms. Navigation is performing switching...


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