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Roadmap to Xamarin Forms 5.0

Xamarin forms 5.0 can release the new features including Brushes, RadioButton, CarouselView, App Themes (Dark Mode), Shapes and Paths, and SwipeView. Table of Content 1. Upgrading to 5.0 1.1. Brushes 1.2. Drag-and-drop 1.3. CarouselView 1.4. IndicatorView 1.5. RadioButton 1.6. Shapes and Paths 1.7. SwipeView 2. Conclusion Upgrading to 5.0 Visual Studio 2019 will be the minimum required version for using Xamarin forms 5.0. Some UI...

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How to scan QR code using Xamarin.Forms?

Barcodes are becoming really useful in our daily life. We almost see it everywhere. It is a way to transfer data in a very efficient and faster way. It was developed to transfer data in a secure way. Barcode scanning is a very easy task that calls the application again and again. Barcode can represent numeric or alphanumeric data which encodes and decodes data very frequently. You can also create your own barcode. To create the barcode, you don't need any devices like a...

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Incredible App Themes for Xamarin.Forms

Predefined and used all over the application is called Application theme. In various popular apps like YouTube, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. is providing themes like Light, dark mode to the user. We can change the color of the application using themes by a predefined set of a color scheme like dark, light, or any other color. We can create a theme using Resources, ResourceDictionary, and Styles in Xamarin Forms. Resources are commonly shared values in the application. It is...

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Using EventToCommand Behavior in MVVM ViewModel in Xamarin

Xamarin forms behaviors are created by deriving from Behavior or Behavior class and the behavior can enable you to implement code that you have to write as code-behind because it can directly interact with the API of the control. Attached behavior is a static class with one or more attached properties. For using EventToCommand behavior you must set the below behavior properties. EventName: Give the appropriate name of the event that the behavior can listen to (Ex:...

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Useful Plugins in Xamarin

Xamarin Pluginsare basically a common use feature. We are using it to implementing natively on the project.Plugins for Xamarin are community nuggets and components. Cross-platform functionality or abstraction platform in common API. Both of these are too small for cross-platform. The plug-in API works on every platform that every platform can access.If you want to make any plugin then first check from NuGet to browse if it is possible or not to make this kind of plugin, if it was...

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