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Hiren Shekhda - September 23, 2021

How to use Database First Approach in Asp.Net MVC to authorize OAuth 2.0 Rest Web APIs?

The REST Web API is a lightweight and critical component of web development for sharing data on several customer machines and devices, for example, mobile devices, desktop apps, or any Website. The permission of the REST Web API is also important for data sharing between multiple client machines and devices to protect the sensibility of data from all external violations and for authenticating the use of the target REST Web API. ...


Ishan Sarvaiya - September 17, 2021

An in-depth guide on View Result and Partial View Result in MVC

Table of Content 1. What is Action Result? 2. Types of Action Results 2.1. View Result 2.2. Partial View Result 2.3. Redirect Result 2.4. Redirect to Action Result 2.5. JSON Result 2.6. File Result 2.7. Content Result 3. Difference between ViewResult and Partial ViewResult 4. Conclusion What is Action Result? In MVC, Action Results are results of action methods or return types of the corresponding action methods. There...


Drashti varshani - August 26, 2021

How to use HttpClient in ASP.NET MVC to consume an ASP.NET Web API REST service?

Table of Content 1. What is REST Services? 2. Prerequisites 3. Create MVC Application 4. Conclusion Ang What is REST Services? REST services stand for Representational State Transfer. It is...


Drashti varshani - August 19, 2021

A Detailed Explanation on Radio Button Helper and CheckBox Helper in MVC

Table of Content 1. What is HTML Helper? 2. RadioButton Helper 2.1. What is a RadioButton? 2.2. RadioButtonFor 2.3. RadioButton 3. CheckBox Helper 3.1. What is a CheckBox? ...


Drashti varshani - August 13, 2021

How to Upload and return files in ASP.NET MVC?

Table of Content 1. Creating MVC Application 1.1Adding Folder 2. Conclusion In this blog, we will shed light on how to upload and return a file in ASP.NET MVC. When a user uploads files, they should be uploaded to their project folder. We need to create a folder for the uploaded file in our project. Let’s get started with creating an MVC application. Creating MVC Application Create a new MVC application for file uploading and downloading. Adding...


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