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iFour Team - December 01, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Mobile-First Design Approach

Table of Content 1.What’s the Deal with Mobile-First Design? 2.Why Should You Adopt Mobile-First Design Approach? 2.1. Top-Notch User Experience (UX) 2.2. Higher Rankings 2.3. Appeal to the Majority 2.4.Fewer Bugs 2.5.More Manageable Content 3. Mobile-First Is the Future Everywhere we go, we see folks with their eyes and hands glued to their smartphones. Some are scrolling through their social media, some are watching YouTube videos as they’re...


Eliza Sadler - October 22, 2021

Mobile Startup on Flutter: An Implementation Plan

Table of Content 1.Understanding Flutter 2.Why Flutter for startup app? 3.Flutter Vs. other cross-platform frameworks 4. Drawbacks of Flutter 5.Conclusion The key to success in any business is to create products and services that are accessible and acceptable to the users. Turning a startup into a multimillion-dollar business requires one to consider improving the quality of their brand. In this digital era, it is important to have an application that can run on multiple...


Eliza Sadler - October 22, 2021

Native Vs. Cross-Platform Development: How Not to Throw Money Down the Chimney

Table of Content 1. What’s Native App Development? 2. Advantages of Native App Development 3. Disadvantages of Native App Development 4. What’s cross-platform app development? 5.Advantages of a Cross-Platform App Development 6. Disadvantages of Cross-Platform App Development 7.What to consider before choosing native apps or cross-platform apps for building a mobile app? 8. Conclusion There are two main options if you are looking to build a mobile app....


iFour Team - July 13, 2021

Mount vs Render In React

Table of Content 1.Introduction 2.What is rendering? 3. Example of rendering 4. What is Mounting? 5. The life cycle of mounting 5.1. Mounting 5.2 Updating 5.3 Unmounting 6. Conclusion Introduction Render is a class-based component that gets called and returns the set of instructions for creating DOM. Mounting is when the component renders first time and indeed builds the initial DOM from that instruction. What is rendering? Render()...


iFour Team - July 06, 2021

Explain Authentication In React Application

Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. What is the Authentication? 3. React API Authentication & Authorization 4. Ways of Implementing API Authorization and Authentication 5. Create React Application example 6. Login Authentication in React 7. Conclusion Introduction Today, we can easily get all details from internet and store the all details in a server, therefore, if we don’t get any security then there would be high chance to lost information...


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