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Eliza Sadler - November 29, 2021

Your doctor won't be human. How artificial intelligence is changing medicine

Table of Content 1. Artificial Intelligence 2. Artificial Intelligence and Medicine 3. The Irreplaceables 4. Conclusion Technology has developed tremendously during the last couple of years. And this is something natural, as humanity has always been on the search for innovations and new things that could ease the life and jobs of many people. But even though this has happened, some people still see these technological advancements not in a positive light. Technology is changing...


iFour Team - November 11, 2021

Proven tips to reduce healthcare software development cost

Table of Content 1. Outsource App Development Work 2. Run App on the Cloud 3. Research before choosing an Agency 4. Effective communication 5. Utilize existing solutions 6. Adoption of AI-based Solutions in Healthcare 7. Use Agile Software Development Approach 8. Conclusion Custom software development has become obligatory for sectors to address business-specific challenges. Today, it is hard to imagine a domain that does not reside on software or any other digital...


Myrah Abrar - October 19, 2021

Best Apps for Organizing International Healthcare Relocations

Table of Content 1. Evernote 2.Sortly 3. Letgo 4.Move Advisor 5.Google Keep International relocation is tough for any company, but it is especially challenging for healthcare providers as they need to worry about moving huge amounts of confidential data, tools, machinery, doctors, paramedical staff, and medical equipment that requires efficient management. Therefore, to relocate internationally, healthcare organizations must hire a project manager, ensure engagement...


iFour Team - August 06, 2021

Impacts of cloud computing in the Healthcare industry

Table of Content 1. Cloud for data storage would prevent data loss 2. Helps with cost reduction 3. Full control over management operations & maintenance 4. Ransomware in Healthcare 5. HIPAA compliance risks with cloud 6. Risk of implementation with cloud 7. conclusion Healthcare industry is an amazingly fast-growing sector with volumes of data produced every day across its various sections. With the swift increase of data in the sector, data management has become...


MyrahAbrar - January 12, 2021

Vital Role of Security Testing in Healthcare Applications

We are currently living through a deadly pandemic, and the need to improve healthcare technology and applications has increased more than ever. The public healthcare sector has huge responsibilities on its hands,and the pandemic has highlighted its inability to meet those responsibilities. Given this failure, research and development are underway to create new and improved healthcare methods throughout the world. Healthcare applications are just one facet of these innovations. Although healthcare...


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