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Top 6 reasons to make your MVP successful

You might have seen so many apps that rushed into our lives and swiftly gained magnifying popularity. Examples of such apps are Uber, and Instagram which have millions of users today. The reason for their success is that they have followed a proper strategy and focused on building simplified features. You can see thousands of products get fail despite brilliant ideas in the market. It is just because they neglect the MVP strategy and user feedback. MVP strategy plays a magnificent...

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Top 8 reasons why MVP can go wrong

MVP plays an instrumental role in bringing out the success of a product or software. Some of the influential giants like Zappos, Uber, Dropbox, Twitter, etc. which once were a start-up, have achieved a remarkable feat in the market just because they went with the MVP strategy. Enterprises these days, worry about the product rather than understanding the indispensable needs of the users. The Minimum Viable Product strategy would help you to keep a perfect balance between the customer...

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Implementation of Ngx Infinite Scroller using Angular Application

In this blog, we will introduce infinite scrolling in our Angular application. When we prepare an application, we deal with tons of files at the same time. In this situation, a question will be asked: how to display thousands of registrations on a single page? It is not a good practice to load thousands of records at once on one page, and there are many benefits to implement infinite scrolling. Increase the time on our web site so that we can have faster operations Make it...

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Simplifying Visual State Manager with TargetName

EnlighterJS.init('pre', 'code', { language : 'js', theme: 'enlighter', indent : 2 }); Table of Content 1. What is Visual State Manager? 2. Common States 3. Conclusion What is Visual State Manager? The Visual State Manager (VSM) is a structured way to make some changes on the controls to the user interface from code, and the visual state manager is the concept of visual states. All...

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Xamarin Android: Create Login Using SQLite Database

Xamarin is an open-source platform for creating modern and performance applications with .NET for iOS, Android, and Windows. This pattern allows developers to write all of their business logic in one language (or reuse existing application code) but achieve original performance, look and feel on each platform. Table of Content 1. What is SQLite? 1.1. Step 1:Select a new project 1.2. Step 2: Give the project name 1.3. Step 3: Select template 1.4. Step 4:Add...

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