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iFour Team - June 21, 2022

How IoT is transforming the Education industry in 2022?

Table of Content 1. Inclusion of IoT in the Education industry 2. Several parameters that are making IoT a rapidly adopted technology by education sectors 3. Taking it as stat-wise 4. Benefits of IoT in the education industry 5. How IoT is benefitting the education Industry? 5.1. Personalized Learning 5.2. It automates the learning tracks 5.3. IoT enables smart classrooms 5.4. Security for learning spaces 5.5. IoT-based Notebooks 5.6. AI-based Research 6.Take...


iFour Team - November 16, 2021

Top Challenges Faced by Education Startups

Table of Content 1. Improve an Existing Education System 2. Schools are Transitioning to Digital Learning 3. Industry is Highly Resistant to Change 4. Lack of investment & curriculum design tools 5. Slow sales cycles 6. Businesses Seeking Lucrative Contracts 7. Impatience & Bad Market Research 8. Transparency and Teacher Collaboration with analysis of Market and Rivals 9. Rigidity 10. Limited window to market and sell software to buyers 11. Building a product...


iFour Team - October 20, 2021

Reasons Why your Education Business needs an e-Learning Software

Table of Content 1. It helps both tutors and students to learn advanced skills 2. It helps you to keep all education materials in one place 3. It supplements traditional training methods 4. Learning content visually to get engaged with audience 5. It helps to organize an education business’ connection with their clients 6. Control administer courses and interact with the trainers & employees 7. Time-Efficiency & Sustainability 7.1. Time-Efficiency 7.2....


iFour Team - September 09, 2021

Top 4 Benefits of Having Cloud-Based Management Software in Your School

Table of Content 1. What Does a Cloud-Based School Management Software Do? 1.1. Gives More Control Over the Day-To-Day Institutional Processes 1.2. Improves Performance Through Real-Time Accomplishment of Tasks 1.3. Eliminates Manual Processes to Minimize Errors and Save Time 1.4. Creates Work Convenience 2. Conclusion Cloud-based management software is now becoming a necessity for schools. Things are now moving at a digital speed. In a technologically...


iFour Team - January 21, 2021

Top 10 Emerging Technology Trends for Education Industry

Technology adoptions have become an indispensable factor for any industry these days. There is hardly any enterprise that is untouched by technology. It is seamlessly changing the face of every industryanddigitally converting its complexities into simple ones.   Table of Content 1. Podcasts are a wonderful way to educate 2. Data-driven insights via Webinars 3. Predictive analytics will help higher ed boost enrolment 4. Educational robots 5. Sustainable EdTech budget 5.1...


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