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iFour Team - June 16, 2022

A complete guide to icon usability as a part of the website's user experience

Table of Content 1. Benefits of using icons 2. Common UX mistakes 3. Types of icons 4. Labels and usability 5. Conclusion Whether you're creating a website or an app, every icon in your interface should have a function. Icons are present to conserve screen space. They're also there to help your users. Icons, when used effectively, may assist you in guiding people naturally through a process without depending on excessive copy. When done incorrectly, they can...


iFour Team - June 16, 2022

Guide to Mobile App monetization in 2022

Table of Content 1. What is the monetization of Mobile Apps? 2. What is the significance of App monetization? 3. Stats for Mobile App monetization in 2022 4. Best models and App monetization strategies in 2022 5. Top 5 Mobile App monetization platforms in 2022 6. In 2022, how should you select your monetization plan? 7.Conclusion It's not always easy to turn a new idea into an app, but the largest challenge that app makers face is figuring out how to monetize...


iFour Team - June 15, 2022

An in-depth look at how microservices benefit DevOps

Table of Content 1.Independent building blocks 2.Boosts DevOps productivity by embracing a unified toolkit 3.Helps with easy incremental changes 4.Cross-functional teams work 5.Increased flexibility while designing 6.DevOps and organizational agility go hand-in-hand 7.Increased scalability and reduced scope of development 8.End-to-end automation of testing and delivery 9.Improves agility and efficiency 10.Organized workflow and improved SDLC 11.DevOps Automation 12.Increased...


iFour Team - June 14, 2022

Why do you need retail software for your retail business?

Table of Content 1.Speed & accuracy 2.Automation and optimization of retail operations 3.Real-time visibility 4.Retail software can streamline your business environment 5.Businesses make decisions based on data 6.Needful during unprecedented times 7.Quality software integration 8.Run your business from anywhere 9.Save you massive amount of time 10.Manage, track, and store important data 11.Retail software makes this process easier 12.POS System to right inventory...


iFour Team - June 14, 2022

AI and IoT: The Future of the Entertainment Industry

Table of Content 1. Examining prevalent trending approaches 2. Devising visual content creation strategies 3. Complete execution of targeted Ads 4. What role will artificial intelligence play in IoT? 5. How has the internet and digital technology changed entertainment? 6. How is AI used in the entertainment industry? 7. How does the entertainment industry use technology? 8.Conclusion The Internet of Things (IoT) is reworking the leisure industry. According...


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