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An introduction of Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft said the release of Visual Studio 2022 will be faster, more accessible, and lightweight. And for the first time, Visual Studio will be a 64-bit application. Visual Studio 2022 is being designed for both learners and those who create solutions on an industrial scale. As VS 2022 is a 64-bit application, it'll not be restricted to 4GB of memory within the main devenv.exe method. You'll be able to open, edit, run, and debug the largest and most complex solutions without...

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How to choose technology for software and IT product?

Despite having abundant options in the market, picking the right technology stack for a software development project is still a challenging task. As you delve deeper into the array of technologies, the pros and cons of each would make it even more difficult for you to clear the best suitable technology for your project. Few companies look to kick off their project either by personal preferences or by previous technology experience. However, personal preference can take you in the wrong...

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Major Components of Successful Project Management

Project management is admittedly one of the challenging tasks for any software development company. It might sound very easy but behind the curtain, it's really difficult. Certain factors need to be handled attentively at every phase of SDLC, and not doing so could lead your project to run off the rails. Among the four essential phases of a project i.e., Instigation, Planning, Execution, and Closure, the planning phase has foremost importance because the success of your project would...

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Angular Login with Session Authentication

Table of Content 1. Introduction 1.1. Angular Routing module 1.2. Angular Auth Guard 1.3. Angular localStorage 2. Conclusion Introduction In this article, we'll look at how to handle the login process with Session Authentication. We'll verify if the user is logged in or not, and if he is not, then the route will simply be blocked. Let’s go through the following Angular principles for better understanding. Angular Routing...

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10 Ways to Improve a Customer’s User Experience

It’s no surprise that the majority of successful businesses around the world prioritize the customer experience. Businesses have been struggling to improve customer experience consistently to make their brands stand out. Improving customer experience should be one of your long-term goals. As Forbes reports, customer experience is a benchmark in the world of business. It is becoming a norm for almost every brand in the world. Table of Content 1. Importance of improving...

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