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iFour Team - December 01, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Mobile-First Design Approach

Table of Content 1.What’s the Deal with Mobile-First Design? 2.Why Should You Adopt Mobile-First Design Approach? 2.1. Top-Notch User Experience (UX) 2.2. Higher Rankings 2.3. Appeal to the Majority 2.4.Fewer Bugs 2.5.More Manageable Content 3. Mobile-First Is the Future Everywhere we go, we see folks with their eyes and hands glued to their smartphones. Some are scrolling through their social media, some are watching YouTube videos as they’re...


iFour Team - December 01, 2021

Top 7 Alternatives to Angular - #4 is Trending Quickly

Table of Content 1. Mithril 2. Aurelia 3. Meteor 4. React 5. Vue.js 6. Backbone.js 7. Angular Material 8. Conclusion In this fast-paced digital world, businesses need to keep themselves prepared for the next to stay competitive in the market. According to the facts, over 2.5 million new websites get launched every day while 175 new websites get developed every minute globally. This is how business competitors are making their dependency and online presence. User...


Regina Koinava - November 30, 2021

5 Trends Shaping the Future of eCommerce

Table of Content 1. Omnichannel Shopping Experiences 2. Focus on Visual Commerce 3. Prevalence of AI-Powered Integrations 4. Dynamic Pricing Models 5. Variety of Payment Options 6. Conclusion eCommerce is growing every day with more and more businesses letting their customers purchase products and services online. In fact, some new businesses are entirely online based and rely solely on digital orders. While it’s true that more and more businesses are taking...

https://www.ifourtechnolab.com/pics/Your_doctor_wont_b_ human_How_artificial_intelligence_is_changing_medicine.webp

Eliza Sadler - November 29, 2021

Your doctor won't be human. How artificial intelligence is changing medicine

Table of Content 1. Artificial Intelligence 2. Artificial Intelligence and Medicine 3. The Irreplaceables 4. Conclusion Technology has developed tremendously during the last couple of years. And this is something natural, as humanity has always been on the search for innovations and new things that could ease the life and jobs of many people. But even though this has happened, some people still see these technological advancements not in a positive light. Technology is changing...


iFour Team - November 23, 2021

Is .NET framework dead and what is its future?

Table of Content 1. Feel a gap exists between release & sustainability of the Microsoft products 2. It will never update 3. Microsoft will replace .NET with something functionally similar 4. Concentration on making .NET Core more agile and powerful 5. Future of .NET development will be Xamarin Forms 4 and Unity 8 6. There is no single sign that it will change in a midterm perspective 7. Conclusion There is nothing in the realm of technology that remains constant...


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