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Thinking About PMP Certification 5 Reasons Why Its Time To Act

Thinking About PMP Certification? 5 Reasons Why It's Time To Act!

Table of Content 1. Introduction 1.1. Do you know what the best part of PMP certification is?s 2. Why the Demand For PMP Certification is Sky-High (5 Reasons to It) 2.1. PMP Certification Redefines Your Resume 2.2. PMP Certification Add Bigger Number To Your Salary Slip 2.3. PMP Certification Opens Pools of Networking Opportunities 2.4. PMP Certification Boosts Your Project Management Skills 2.5. PMP Certification Makes Client Trust and...

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Performing a Website Migration Avoid these Basic Mistakes

Performing a Website Migration? Avoid these Basic Mistakes

Table of Content 1. Not blocking search engines from the testing site 2. Not storing a back-up 3. There is no plan 4. Ensuring your image URLs have a security certificate 5. Neglecting to de-duplicate material on the website 6. Migrating Exclusively to increase the traffic and lead generation sources 7. Not allotting enough time for testing before making the site live 8. Improperly setting up 301 redirects 9. Multiple mistakes need to keep in...

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A Comprehensive Guide on Advanced React Component Patterns

A comprehensive guide on advanced React Component Patterns

Table of Content 1. What are React Patterns? 2. Component patterns in react 2.1. Higher-Order Component 2.2. Conditioal Rendering 2.3. Create the Provider 3. Conclusion What are React Patterns? React Patterns means how react handle the flow of code, which type of criteria it followed and how to manage whole things, it’s all about its workflow life cycle. Component patterns in react Higher-Order Component Once you create one component...

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An in depth guide on View Result and Partial View Result in MVC

An in-depth guide on View Result and Partial View Result in MVC

Table of Content 1. What is Action Result? 2. Types of Action Results 2.1. View Result 2.2. Partial View Result 2.3. Redirect Result 2.4. Redirect to Action Result 2.5. JSON Result 2.6. File Result 2.7. Content Result 3. Difference between ViewResult and Partial ViewResult 4. Conclusion What is Action Result? In MVC, Action Results are results of action methods or return types of the corresponding action methods. There are abstract...

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The advent of E commerce during the COVID 19 pandemic

The advent of E-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic

Table of Content 1. Effects of COVID -19 2. eCommerce to the rescue 2.1. Connectivity 2.2. Accessibility An international team of scientists is trying to push the envelope and save humanity from the deadliest pandemic. A virus that had no cure kills nearly every human being on Earth. However, one help could be used as an advantage by a few surviving souls to combat this deadly disease. E-commerce! Yes, you read it right. During the COVID-19...

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