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iFour Team - November 18, 2021

Top 5 incredible features of entertainment & media software

Table of Content 1. Ability to track what's popular 2. Easy to navigate and analyze 3. Operate in an entertaining or educative manner 4. Provides support to escape from the workaday world 5. Intuitive Dashboard with Web streaming and Data privacy 6. Conclusion Technology advancement has brought an incredible change in the Entertainment industry. The amazing visuals on screen with effective sound effects which we experience today are the result of a tremendous digital...


Nensi Gondaliya - November 18, 2021

What’s new in NgRx Version 12 of Angular?

Table of Content 1. What is NgRx? 2. What is in earlier versions of NgRx? 3. What’s new in version 12? 3.1. New concatLatestFrom operator for NgRx Effects 3.2. ComponentStore Enhancements 3.3.Integrated Support for ESLint 3.4.Breaking Changes 3.5.Upgrading to NgRx 12 4. Conclusion What is NgRx? NgRx is one type of Angular framework for building reactive applications. NgRx provides libraries for: Managing global and...


iFour Team - November 16, 2021

Top Challenges Faced by Education Startups

Table of Content 1. Improve an Existing Education System 2. Schools are Transitioning to Digital Learning 3. Industry is Highly Resistant to Change 4. Lack of investment & curriculum design tools 5. Slow sales cycles 6. Businesses Seeking Lucrative Contracts 7. Impatience & Bad Market Research 8. Transparency and Teacher Collaboration with analysis of Market and Rivals 9. Rigidity 10. Limited window to market and sell software to buyers 11. Building a product...


iFour Team - November 11, 2021

Proven tips to reduce healthcare software development cost

Table of Content 1. Outsource App Development Work 2. Run App on the Cloud 3. Research before choosing an Agency 4. Effective communication 5. Utilize existing solutions 6. Adoption of AI-based Solutions in Healthcare 7. Use Agile Software Development Approach 8. Conclusion Custom software development has become obligatory for sectors to address business-specific challenges. Today, it is hard to imagine a domain that does not reside on software or any other digital...


iFour Team - November 09, 2021

10 Best Alternatives to Microsoft .NET framework

Table of Content 1.Mono 2.Dolphin Smalltalk 3.Ceylon 4.JAVA 5.Delphi 6.Python 7.C# 8.Embracing Javascript 9.Swift 10.ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 11.Various Multiple Alternatives 12.Conclusion The current digital era has compelled businesses to make their online presence through various sources like websites, web applications, or mobile apps and form brand visibility. It has pushed them to the point where they must maintain active connections with their customers...


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