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iFour Team - January 28, 2022

Upcoming Web Technologies and Design Trends in 2022

Table of Content 1. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots 2. WebAssembly Technology 3. Light and Dark Mode Experience 4. Accelerated Mobile Pages 5. Progressive Web Applications 6. Single Page Applications 7. Serverless Architecture 8. Augmented and Virtual Reality 9. API-First Development The web development space keeps changing with time, as do the web technologies. To stay competitive in the digital market, companies need to adopt new technologies to offer top-notch...


iFour Team - January 27, 2022

5 Top Projects Built with React Native and Benefits the Technology Provides

Table of Content 1. What is react native? 2. What are the features of React Native? 3. What are the top 5 projects built on React Native? 3.1. Facebook ads manager 3.2. Walmart 3.3. Bloomberg 3.4. Kitten Tricks 3.5 Townske 4. Final Words Technology is revolutionizing and bringing a drastic change in this fast-paced digital work. Businesses are adopting cutting-edge technology to build top-notch mobile apps that add great value to the business. There...


Tomas - January 19, 2022

What Are the Trends in B2B E-commerce in 2022?

Table of Content 1. 2021 B2B Trends Recap 2. B2B eCommerce Trend Predictions for 2022 2.1. Access to A New Market - The Metaverse 2.2. AI-Driven Personalization 2.3. Fast and Easy Order Fulfilment 2.4. Self-Service Buying ...


iFour Team - December 29, 2021

A Tutorial for Excel-Add Ins Development

Table of Content 1. What are Add-ins in Excel? 2. Components of an Excel Add-In 2.1 A Web Application 2.2A Manifest File 3. Creating an Excel Add-In 3.1 Write the code. 3.2Save as an Excel Add-in. 3.3 Add the macro to the Quick Access Toolbar. 4. Conclusion     Source:Pixabay There are various functions that excel add-ins offer to users. But then, it is essential to ensure you understand everything about excel add-ins...


iFour Team - December 28, 2021

Benefits of adopting logistics software for transportation business

Table of Content 1.Imperative when it comes to supply chains 2.Allow companies to automate processes 3.Track the Vehicle in Real-Time 4.Helps to keep track of all the shipments 5.It helps to organize schedules 6.List of useful transport & logistics software 7.Conclusion Today, the world without transportation and software is just difficult to imagine. Isn’t it? Because without these two, neither vaccines could have been delivered successfully nor Pfizer have...


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