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Top 6 reasons to make your MVP successful

You might have seen so many apps that rushed into our lives and swiftly gained magnifying popularity. Examples of such apps are Uber, and Instagram which have millions of users today. The reason for their success is that they have followed a proper strategy and focused on building simplified features. You can see thousands of products get fail despite brilliant ideas in the market. It is just because they neglect the MVP strategy and user feedback. MVP strategy plays a magnificent...

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Entity Framework vs NHibernate: Understand similarities and differences

Entity Framework and NHibernate are Object-relational mapping frameworks (ORM) and are used to map database schema to domain objects in any object-oriented language. Table of Content 1. What is Entity Framework? 2. What is NHibernate? 3. Version History 3.1. Entity Framework 3.2. NHibernate 4. Platforms 4.1. Entity Framework 4.2. NHibernate 4.3. Platforms 5. Supported database 5.1. Entity Framework 5.2. NHibernate 5.3....

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OAuth Login Authentication with identity provider in Xamarin.Forms

Many applications require the addition of user authentication, and this always means enabling your users to sign in to their existing Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and now Apple Pull sign-in accounts. Table of Content 1. Step 1 - Create New Xamarin.Forms Project 2. Step 2: Give the project name 3. Step 3: Select template 4. Step 4 - Install OAuth Client Components 5. Step 5 - Create Base Login Page (SecuredLoginPage.Xaml) 6. Step 6 - Create identity provider login...

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Top 8 reasons why MVP can go wrong

MVP plays an instrumental role in bringing out the success of a product or software. Some of the influential giants like Zappos, Uber, Dropbox, Twitter, etc. which once were a start-up, have achieved a remarkable feat in the market just because they went with the MVP strategy. Enterprises these days, worry about the product rather than understanding the indispensable needs of the users. The Minimum Viable Product strategy would help you to keep a perfect balance between the customer...

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Top 7 Emerging Technology Trends for Transportation & Logistics Industry

Table of Content 1. Private LTE/5G networks as a major tech trend 2. Automating and streamlining the hiring process for CDL drivers 3. AR (Augmented Reality) & IOT (Internet of Things) 4. Businesses will be investing in data technologies 5. Drone + Rail Intermodal 6. To provide an advanced TMS at a low price for small carriers 7. Due to shortage of workers, step in to support supply chain processes 8. Numerous trends will be on demand 8.1. AI 8.2....

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