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Top 13 Biggest Business Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing is one of the flamboyant innovations of this digital era. Because of its impeccable features and having the capability to solve a range of problems, it has become the fastest adopted technology in the domain. It eliminates the need for hardware resources and helps businesses to simply focus on business goals and aspects. Cloud technology enables organizations to seamlessly run their business applications and software programs without installing them on PCs. Table of...

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The comprehensive guide to Angular Performance Tuning

It's not uncommon to see Angular apps slow down over time. Angular is a performant platform, but if we don't know how to create performant Angular apps, our apps will become slower as they evolve. As a result, any serious Angular developer must be aware of what makes an Angular app slow in order to prevent it from being slow in the first place. Table of Content 1. Improving change detection 2. OnPush change detection 3. Design for immutability 4. Make onPush the...

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5 Cloud-Native Trends of 2021

Cloud has been a popular and efficient storage option for many years now. This unique platform is used to generate data and innovative solutions which are used to leverage data. It has an intense focus: adaptability, which facilitates service-oriented thinking, which people thought wasn’t attainable. Being able to specialize has led to an expansion that allows organizations to change and innovate the processes and models they use as businesses to achieve their business goals and...

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Is Blazor the future in Web App Development?

Just take a moment and think about how the web platforms would be if JavaScript isn’t there. JavaScript seamlessly helps developers build fascinating and intriguing UIs on both web and mobile platforms and provides a dynamic and interactive user experience. More importantly, it is used for validations on the websites and execute complex actions. Table of Content 1. What is Blazor? 2. Why should I choose Blazor? 3. What are the hosting models of Blazor? 3.1....

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Accessibility with Angular

A wide range of individuals, including those with visual or motor impairments, use the computer. A variety of assistive devices are available to make communicating with web-based software applications much simpler for these communities. Furthermore, making an application more accessible increases the overall user experience for all apps. Table of Content 1. What is accessibility? 2. Accessibility attributes 3. Angular UI Component 4. Augmenting Native Elements 5....

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