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iFour Team - June 10, 2022

Why do you need hospitality software for your hospitality business?

Table of Content 1. Streamlined operations and exceptional customer experience 2. Increased productivity & reduced cost 3. Improves operational efficiency 4. Effective revenue management 5.Made for operations and niche needs 6. Automated systems and accurate statistics 7. Multiple reasons 8.Conclusion Working in the Hospitality sector comes with several challenges. It requires you to handle various operations such as employee management, training...


Eula Skiles - June 10, 2022

Understanding Project Management risks: a complete guide

Table of Content 1. Understanding Risk Management 2. Identifying Risks 3. Creating A Risk Management Plan 4. Assigning Risk Ownership 5. Making Risk Management simple In project management, you must be aware that mistakes happen and there are risks to any project you undertake. When a project fails, it's most likely because the team involved haven't properly identified the risk first, and taken the steps needed to mitigate them. How can you be sure you're...


iFour Team - June 08, 2022

React vs Vue: Which framework to choose in 2022?

Table of Content 1. React JavaScript framework 2. Vue.js  3. Difference between React.js and Vue.js  4. Advantages of React.js 5. Advantages of Vue.js 6. Disadvantages of React.js 7. Disadvantages of Vue.js 8. Conclusion Choosing the best JavaScript framework for application development is crucial for businesses. However, the choice depends upon several criteria, including the project's timeline, the framework's strength, and the JavaScript...


iFour Team - June 07, 2022

An in-depth guide on different types of Healthcare software

Table of Content 1. Electronic Medical records with billing and scheduling features 2. EHR with Medical database and Form management 3. Medical diagnosis software and EHR 4. HMIS with digital visualization 5. AI technology: Using predictive, proprietary health-tech 6. Imaging and visualization software 7. Appointment scheduling 8. Medical database software 9. Healthcare organization cannot survive without software 10. Patient management system 11. E-Prescribing software...


iFour Team - June 06, 2022

Want to build an emerging digital product? Top 5 App development trends in 2022

Table of Content 1. What is a Digital Product? 2. Era of Mobile applications 3. Application development 4. Top 5 App development trends 5. Conclusion What is a Digital Product? The digital product is a product that has been designed and developed for use on the internet, such as a website or software application. Digital products are usually created using a combination of software and technology. A digital product is often delivered digitally, rather...


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