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iFour Team - June 23, 2022

Top reasons why your company needs Big Data engineers

Table of Content 1.What is big data? 2.What is data engineering? 3.Who are big data engineers? 4.What do they do? 5.Top reasons to hire big data engineers 5.1.Compliments data scientists 5.2.Engineer data pipelines 5.3.Build storage infrastructure to handle big data 6.Skills required by big data engineers 6.1.ETL toolkit 6.2.Programming languages 6.3.Data processing 7.Conclusion What is big data? Big data is exactly...


iFour Team - June 21, 2022

How IoT is transforming the Education industry in 2022?

Table of Content 1. Inclusion of IoT in the Education industry 2. Several parameters that are making IoT a rapidly adopted technology by education sectors 3. Taking it as stat-wise 4. Benefits of IoT in the education industry 5. How IoT is benefitting the education Industry? 5.1. Personalized Learning 5.2. It automates the learning tracks 5.3. IoT enables smart classrooms 5.4. Security for learning spaces 5.5. IoT-based Notebooks 5.6. AI-based Research 6.Take...


iFour Team - June 20, 2022

Will WPF be dead in 2022?

Table of Content 1.Microsoft has faith in WPF as a UI framework 2.Future of Microsoft is robust but aging framework is in doubt 3.We will never see the next version of WPF 4.It may indeed get phased out eventually 5.Microsoft doesn’t need to be promoting non-mobile and non-cloud technology 6.Conclusion WPF has been a terrific framework for desktop app development, with amazing capabilities that assist in UI creation. Not to mention WPF's invaluable...


iFour Team - June 17, 2022

The best optimization possibilities for your ASP.NET web application

Table of Content 1. Reduce the size of images 2. Reduce HTTP requests & use server-side redirects 3. Identify bottlenecks for a better user experience 4. Application caching 5. Multiple options 6. Conclusion The Microsoft.NET framework was designed to make web development much easier. It enhances application performance seamlessly in two ways. First, with fewer requested resources and next by a minimal number of round trips. What makes the ASP.NET framework even...


iFour Team - June 17, 2022

How to write the best API documentation?

Table of Content 1.What is an API? 2.What is API documentation? 3.Who can write API documentation? 4.Types of API documentation 5.What to include in API documentation 6.How to create an API document 7.Tips for creating the best document 8.Reviewing API documentation When everything is working as it should, it's easy not to think about the APIs you use in everyday work. If something were to break down though, you'll need to be able to access API documentation...


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