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In this 21st century where everything is fastening, Transportation and logistics industry plays a decisive role in any sector. It covers all those businesses which require transporting goods via air, land or water from the source to destination. There are number of people who accomplish the requirements including product deliverer, truck driver, inventory manager, airline attendant, coordinators who manage all approvals, container fillers, etc. Everything which surrounds us including food and clothes is the result of the assertive logistic chain which gives delivery in minimal time.

Transportation and logistics industry have a huge responsibility to integrate domestic as well as a global economy. The main challenge for transportation operators is to find new ways to meet the increasing demand with sufficient supply. Truck managers need an automatic reactive solution helping in repositioning empty containers. In this competitive market, companies need more and more solutions that can interact automatically for all B2B and B2C scenarios.

Role of IT in the Transportation and Logistics Industry

Dispatch technology solutions to facilitate comprehensive and optimized software outcomes
IT industry is performing a crucial role to make all the operations easier and make the shipments faster than ever. It provides encouragement to decrease hazards in operations, manage the schedule and guide the best route in order to improve the efficiency in the transportation industry.
Custom software programs provide analysis on huge data to match picks and drops at flexible pricing. To increase profitability and growth, transportation companies now have to take some crucial strategic decisions. The Industry faces problems in gathering and analyzing data for planning, monitoring and managing environmental objectives. It has become an essential thing to capture live data throughout the transportation lifecycle. The customized solutions provided by custom software development companies not only improve operational efficiency but also create new opportunities in the supply chain.

Our proficiency

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iFour is a remarkable logistics software development company in USA, that delivers custom logistics software development services and helps in all the possible ways to reach the heights of success. We are Logistics software providers helped many Offshore and Outsource Logistic clients with our IT consulting services and implemented top-class software such as ERP software, Logistics Management software, Cargo related software, etc. and explored the inner potentials of their business.

Having proficient prowess, our aggregate of creative programmers, testers, and designers have transformed many businesses to acquire on to the ambitious track with an immaculate development.

Our software services for the Transportation and Logistics industry incorporate:

Custom Transportation and Logistics Management System Custom Transportation and Logistics Management System
We at iFour Technolab, built an all-inclusive & robust Logistics and Transportation solution that functions on web as well as mobile platforms. The solution intensively targets on offering automated, secured and real-time services, an elementary requisite of transportation and shipping industry.
Fleet Management software Fleet Management software
Our fleet management solutions provide fleet management dashboards with various features, and dehumanize maintenance notifications, also builds comprehensive reports.
Parking Management software Parking Management software
With the powerful parking management software solutions, we have new and enhanced functionality developed, programmed and executed by sophisticated experts whose industry particular expertise provides you the most out of your business' systems for maintenance, security, and business intelligence.
Dispatch Management Software Dispatch Management Software
Our dispatch management software solutions will provide you with a creative functionality and technology. With years of industry expertise, our certified programmers can build your project from scratch or enhance an existing system, consigning your fleet with latest technology for better and effortless service.

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How iFour delivers business value?

Explore and analyze the fundamentals of each project to gain tangible outcome

In the era of immense change, iFour Technolab Pvt Ltd provides custom software development services to the transportation and logistics industry identifying risks and opportunities dynamically. The experts in the company focus on delivering professional assistance to all sized companies in the transportation sector. With increasing customer needs and changing business models, our team provides the best service using relevant technology. It assists the transportation industry to enhance commercial planning like sales, pricing structure, revenue management, etc. Our solutions help the industry to build a strategy in order to get the highest returns.

The solutions transmit all the live data in the transportation lifecycle with the help of GPS sensors in the vehicles. The customized solutions provided by the team make the communication among all the stakeholders flawless which indeed helps in identifying hurdles and emergency situations on the spot. These customized solutions also help in choosing out the right way for a journey and manage the load in containers in order to mitigate costs.

Along with the industry specific solutions, iFour Technolab is proficient in software development and web development services with customization. You can always hire NodeJS developer, ASP.net developer, Angular developer, WPF developer or Blockchain developer from our team at anytime according to your business needs.

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iFour helps to settle on the secured payment gateway covering all government regulations in order to maintain the confidentiality of transactions.

In the case of transportation and shipping industry, our team can help clients with developing GPS mapping software using different shades of technologies.

We also have talented developers who can develop transport-related applications through which one can book a ride selecting source and destination points. With the track of your device, that driver can pick you from a certain point.

How iFour can help the Transportation and Logistics Industry?

Strengthen perfect solution that fulfils the business and operational needs to plan your logistics

Today, almost all transportation management system companies have an IT department for their business growth. From the time of storing data on Magnetic tapes to the day with advanced database systems and sophisticated servers, IT has impeccably transformed for last few years. Now it is dominating all the major industries with a wide range of consulting services. Some of them are like transportation software development, Logistics information systems, logistics software development, etc.

We are also well experienced in developing GPS mapping software, it would include a freight tracking system. This system gives the information to the owner about the point where the last goods were scanned. It will be very helpful in the cases when the shipment has not arrived from the expected place. Apart from that this software helps the drivers to know about real-time traffic in the routes and can suggest the best path as well.

As the Logistics industry is not a small one because it covers broad spectrums like delivery of goods, handling the raw materials, storage, inventory, packaging, etc

Because of the rapid increase in the volume and complexity levels, this is the main platform for maintaining the accuracy and transparency of the business.

This software helps the industry in tracking the resources from source point to the destination with improved operational efficiency.

With this software, one can have end-to-end visibility of the goods from their delivery, storage, packaging, consumption, inventory, etc. to the end.

Transportation & Logistics Case Study

The Custom software programs provided by iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. help transportation industry in developing strategies, reducing cost, making flawless communications, scheduling shipments, paying bills securely and gaining customer satisfaction which leads to high revenue generation and reputation.

These are some of the custom software projects in Transportation and Logistics sector:

Transportation and Logistics Management System

Transportation and Logistics Management System

Shipment Process Management System

Shipment Process Management System

Being a top-class Logistics software provider, iFour Technolab can help the Logistics clients with developing Logistics Information Systems.

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FAQs for Custom Transportation and Logistics Software Development:

iFour Technolab is one of the leading Transportation and Logistics software companies that have well-versed professionals at all levels. Our fastidious business analyst collects client requirements and simultaneously meets up with the project manager, the team of developers to finalize the work-scope, developer’s team, tools, framework, technology stack, timeline, etc. The final print with fine documentation would be shared with the client to get a clear estimation.

Having excellent virtuosity over the subject, our cluster of innovative programmers, testers, and designers have helped many businesses to get on to the competitive track with flawless developments.

Our software services for the Transportation and Logistics industry include:

  1. Custom Transportation Management software
  2. Fleet Management software
  3. Parking Management software
  4. Dispatch Management Software
  5. Mobile application development services
  6. Third-party integration services

To manage the entire life-cycle of commercial vehicles with reduced risk, improved productivity, increased efficiency, we utilize Fleet Management Software. The key benefits of using Fleet Management Software are:

  1. It helps you to understand the location of a vehicle, the time required, and left to finish the job.
  2. Considering these details, you can create additional jobs for both existing and new vehicle drivers.
  3. Hourly and weekly-based reports can be generated.
  4. It helps the employers to view the idle time of the vehicles, analyze the behavior of the drivers and improve fuel efficiency.
  5. Fine improvement in Customer service.
  6. Improves vehicle safety, and many more.

Being a next-level Transportation and Logistic software development company in USA, it persistently offers fabulous IT consulting services to the Transportation and Logistic Industrial clients by utilizing these technologies:
Asp.Net, Angular, Asp.Net Core, Node.JS, Java, Xamarin, ionic, and Flutter.

Yes, our agency is also among the best Mobile App development companies that deliver fantastic Mobile app services to clients in iOS, Windows, and Android platforms. Our meritorious developers can efficiently deal with hybrid as well as native app developments.

Certainly! We have helped so many industries with third-party integration services for their existing software system.

Our professional software developers make the decision based on certain rules and regulations such as:

  1. Reviewing your existing codebase, understanding methods, and its operations.
  2. Examining the code quality and performance factor.
  3. If the code was written and processed according to the latest technology standards, then we can proceed with further development. Else our software developers begin the development from scratch to avoid uncertain and complex errors.

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., an USA-based trustworthy software development company always takes accurate steps to maintain outstanding security. The developers who work on Transportation and Logistics software project would sign an NDA agreement in the firm to ensure privacy. We also take high care of the client’s Intellectual property and confidential data.

Our meritorious software experts utilize the following tools for the coordination process.
Slack, JIRA, Skype, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Team, voice calls, Gmail, etc.

We have master-class Network engineers that utilize tools like firewall, antivirus, etc. to block unauthorized access. They consistently observe the network state and maintain password-protected mechanisms. Correspondingly, they provide access rights to only project-related developers.

For easy and smooth management of your Logistic project source code, we utilize Bitbucket and GitHub setups. These popular tools enable you to review instances like the code changes done by the developers, debugging, replaced pages, tickets, etc.

You would be the true owner of your Transportation and Logistic software project. At the end of project deployment, you would be handed all the IP and project-related copyrights.

Being a reputed Logistics software development organization, iFour has adroit project managers having fine experience at all levels. Making no compromise on any factors like Timescale, code strategy, design, features, loading time, performance, code quality, etc., one of them would be monitoring your project.

Yes, iFour offers software maintenance services for Bespoke Logistic software. We have top-class technical support engineers that can handle L2 support and troubleshoot the concerns of your project.

Based on your custom Transportation Management software project size, modules, complexity, etc. we can provide a warranty period of 90-120 days.

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