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Are you searching for a trustworthy NodeJS Software Development Company for your Project? Let’s connect!

We at iFour, offer excellent NodeJS Development Services to businesses across the globe and help them escalate their success modules.

Node.js is an open-source runtime environment that went to make huge in the market. With many other JavaScript-based applications making a dignified wave of popularity across the market, it manifests the power to build highly scalable applications and is widely used to create faster and reliable tools and apps.

With the best use of latest technology services like NodeJS, we make your business catch vibrating pace that eventually gives a leading-edge to the Nodejs competitors in the market. Our NodeJS professional expert team make deep research analysis across all layers of your project before getting a wiggle on. Clients can hire NodeJS Software developers who make extraordinary efforts to achieve business goals and can provide rapid, challenging results to their NodeJS web development projects.

Being known among the best NodeJS development company in USA, Clients from different destinations come to us with distinct requirements in all disciplines and with practice on the latest technologies, we make their complex ventures into simple. We have skilled back-end NodeJS developers and full-stack experts with excellent leadership qualities that help to fuel substantial growth to the business in the market.

Aspect of NodeJS Technology

Decision to take right platform for the business project is difficult as there are ample number of options available in the market. But clients can go with NodeJS because of amazing features like:

  • Code execution speed.
  • Because of its never buffering capability, it is lesser mitigate.
  • Highly scalable server when compared to traditional servers.
  • It responds in a non-blocking manner. Once the API is called by a NodeJS server, it will not wait for the response. It directly moves towards next API for execution. Therefore, it is non-blocking and event-driven.

Since the establishment of iFour Technolab, this leading Offshore firm has gained great success in delivering NodeJS web services for many innovative products and software systems.

With proficiency in NodeJS web development, our passionate Techies at iFour Technolab, help the global clients in developing web applications, Android applications with navigating insights as well as building real-time chat-related applications as per the Business requirement.

Looking to build server-side applications that can easily run on windows, Mac and Linux?

Node.js is one of the best platforms to make data concentrated real time applications!

We, at iFour Technolab, provides a vast range of services to both technical as well as outsourcing clients. Our services with NodeJS development deals in wide areas such as:

  1. MEAN stack application development
  2. Developing MicroServices using NodeJS
  3. Large scale web App development
  4. Customized software development with technical support and its maintenance.
  5. Front-end and Backend development as per client needs.

What Services We Offer as The Best NodeJS Web Development Company?

Professional, Effective and Tailor-made digital solutions

Our proficient developers produce most consistent and fashionable applications for businesses. Node.js is a peculiar JavaScript-based app development base. We are also an absolute place to hire the industry’s top node.js developers. The web applications developed by us execute multiple writing and reading tasks at a time.

Node.js Web and Network Application
Node.js API development service.
Consulting, Maintenance, and Service.
Custom NodeJS based Web App
Content management tools
Web Application Monitoring Dashboard
Shopping cart development
Real-time statistics
Ecommerce website development
NodeJS plugin development

Why to choose iFour for Node.js Web Development?

We deliver industry best Node.js development services for our local and global clients

iFour also has certified full-stack developers working with passion, proficient in providing the services related to Docker, Reactjs, Java, Native-script, mobile, MEAN stack-based projects dealing with both front-end as well as back-end.

  1. Outstanding consumer communication and customer care.
  2. We understand your needs to send the right product.
  3. We make your goals as ours, thus understanding the problems you are trying to solve.
  4. We have an excellent skill set on board who crafts the solution which encompasses the latest tech.
  5. We provide industry leading solution and time bound deliveries.
To Boost your Business growth in the market with our excellent NodeJS development services, connect iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd.

Benefits of choosing Node.js for developing Web Applications are:

It has an ever-growing repository of good-to-go tools and modules1
It is very fast and efficient.2
Node.js is good for real-time applications especially chat or game applications.3
It saves a lot of time in between the lines when the output of web apps increases considerably.4
It is highly scalable, reliable and gives sky-high performance.5
Our Agile Approach
iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd.
Top 10 FAQs for Node.js Technology

NodeJS is a cross-platform, open-source runtime environment built on Google chrome’s V8 engine i.e., a JavaScript and web assembly engine. It allows you to run the JavaScript code on any machine, server rather than just on a browser. The interesting fact is that it makes use of the event-driven, and non-blocking I/O model which makes it simply efficient and lightweight.

NodeJS has the default package manager called npm and it is the largest ecosystem with a rich set of open-source libraries. Just because of these reasons, it is one of the highly preferred backend development platforms in many esteemed Software development companies.To understand Node in simple terms, it can be defined as follows:

NodeJS = Runtime Environment + JavaScript libraries.

The demand for the Node.js platform is no less than the top-level technologies of the digital world. Having a rich set of library support, Node provides so many benefits to the Nodejs developers while backend development. Some of the essentials are:

  1. Node.js has asynchronous library support which means the server need not wait for API to return the data. As soon as the Node.js server calls the API, it begins to process next API. The Event-driven mechanism assists the server in getting the responses from previously called APIs.
  2. Node.js executes the code faster as it is built on Chrome’s V8 Engine.
  3. You can seamlessly build highly-scalable applications and utilize Microservices architecture with Nodejs.
  4. Node.js application avoids buffering of data and displays the output data in chunks.

The acronym for npm is the Node Package Manager. This package manager provides essential online repositories for Node.js modules and packages. You can also find these repositories on Besides, it facilitates the command-line utility to install the packages and helps with dependency and version management for the Node.js packages.

All the metadata details of the Node.js application project is maintained in the Package.json file. Generally, it is located in the root directory of every Node package or module. It is useful to get the data in JSON Object format.

Here are some of the significant attributes that belong to package.json:

main, name, version, homepage, description, contributors, author, dependencies, repository, keywords.

No, these two are different because the Node Package Manager (npm) is a tool that enables us to install JavaScript packages using the command line. It is very useful in managing project dependencies especially when they grow to a large extent whereas Node Version Manager (nvm) is a kind of tool that enables us to download and install different versions of node.js.

To truncate a file in Node.js, we use the following syntax:

fs.ftruncate(fd, len, callback) where

fd – it is an integer value that denotes the file descriptor of a file to truncate,

len – it denotes the length of a file which is then truncated,

callback – it is a callback function that returns no arguments.

There are so many modules available for Node.js but among them, the most preferred and downloaded ones are - express, browserify, bower, async,, grunt, gulp.

In order to provide cryptographic functionality, Node.js uses the crypto module. It also includes a set of wrappers for HMAC, cipher, decipher, OpenSSL’s hash, sign, and verify functions.

To understand it better, consider the following example:

var crypto = require(‘crypto’);
var secret = ‘abcdefg’;
var hash = crypto.createHmac(‘sha256’,secret).update(‘I am good’).digest(‘hex’);

To enhance security over the application, many Node.js application development companies prefer these alternatives in Node.Js that is helmet, csurf, cors, node rate limiter.

helmet – This tool protects your Node.js application by setting HTTP headers.

Csurf – It puts validations on tokens, verifies incoming requests, and rejects invalid requests.

Cors –  It is the abbreviation of cross-origin resource sharing. This mechanism puts restrictions on requested resources to secure a web server from unauthorized access.

Node rate limiter – It controls and manages the rate of repeated requests and becomes a protection barrier from brute force attacks.

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