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Umbraco is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) platform for publishing content on the intranet and the World Wide Web. Umbraco is primarily written in C#. It stores all data in a relational database (Microsoft SQL Server) working on Microsoft IIS. Umbraco is simple to implement and a secure platform for software development.

iFour Technolab, a versatile C# development company in USA, provides custom services to global clients using the Umbraco platform. Umbraco is a general-purpose, flexible content management system for creating everything from a basic website to a fully-featured web application. It is one of the easiest systems to learn and set up. Because of its ability to keep content management and development separate, it makes it easy to hand over the content to editors who do not deal with coding or the technical work of site management. It is indeed the simplest platform for C# developers to learn and explore in-depth.

If you are looking to develop a simple website, then Umbraco is all you need.

Why Umbraco?

Here are some key benefits of Umbraco.

  • Storage of data and editing is simple with Umbraco. It provides an enhanced environment for data management.
  • The Umbraco platform provides numerous ready-to-use packages for development.
  • Easy to develop websites and web applications with multiple language support.
  • Management of web pages with Windows live writer and Microsoft Word
  • Easy insertion of media files such as video, image, or other files in the media library.
  • Smart search feature to make the site more user-friendly.
  • Advantage of limitless integration opportunities.
  • Because of features like back-office JavaScript and CSS optimization, the editing experience on the platform is truly simplified.
  • The platform has a dynamic cache and built-in cache features to offer an interactive user experience for site visitors.
  • Importing content from legacy applications has become simple with the Umbraco platform.
  • The platform provides a documented API for a simplified import process.
  • Faster platform for updating content on your site or web application. Faster the load time, faster are the content updates.
  • As Umbraco is a .NET platform, users can get support in terms of .NET user controls.
  • Umbraco provides numerous features in order to make a website or web application highly customizable.
  • It is a search engine-friendly platform and anyone can start with search engine optimization right away.
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Get the perfect content management platform designed for your needs

Here are the services we offer using Umbraco

  • Website development

  • Theme design and development

  • Plugin and extension development

  • Website maintenance services

At iFour Technolab, we align our capabilities in Umbraco to provide an incredible web presence for your brand. We provide well-designed Umbraco development services across various industries. Our highly knowledgeable experts offer Umbraco integrations according to the needs of your website and provide support and maintenance services throughout the project.



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FAQs for Umbraco CMS web development services

iFour Technolab is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner having experienced, vetted, and certified experts. When you partner with iFour, you will get

  • Top-notch services at affordable price
  • Experienced and vetted experts
  • Customized solutions with incredible functionalities
  • Complete transparency and accuracy
  • Strict confidentiality and excellent security
  • On-time project delivery

The limitless integration opportunities and ready-to-use packages make Umbraco CMS more popular. As it is based on the .NET platform, users would get fantastic support of .NET user controls. Some other features of Umbraco CMS are rich text editor, asset management, Plug-ins support, built-in templates, multiple language support, fabulous designing support, smart search feature, fine user experience, simplified content importing, etc.

iFour Technolab is an USA-based top-class Umbraco service provider, that help the clients to reach their milestones with its impeccable services. Our Umbraco based services are: iFour Technolab is a profound .NET development company and it offers impeccable software development services to its clients. Our Umbraco services are

  • Umbraco website development
  • Umbraco theme design and development
  • Umbraco Plugin and extension services
  • Umbraco website maintenance services

Our experts analyze the change request and carryout thorough impact analysis. Accordingly, they create a time frame and cost of making changes. On final approval, we proceed to make changes in the next sprint.

No, there wouldn’t be any hidden charges. We offer high-quality Umbraco services within your budget and keep complete transparency during the project tenure.

Of course! We ensure your project idea remain safe with us. Our experts are bound by company policies and would sign an NDA to enhance your project security.

Yes, you can monitor your Umbraco project and its status while it’s in development phase.

We have adroit network engineers who maintain password-protected mechanisms for the system and continuously monitor the network. In addition, we take appropriate measures and employ popular tools to maintain strict security.

We offer 90-120 days of warranty depending on factors such as project size, type and requirement.

Yes, we do provide maintenance services for the project. Our engineers would handle L2 support for technical concerns, troubleshoot, and resolve them using the ticket system.

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