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xamarin mobile app development company

Today, mobile application development is an essential aspect across all domains. Mobile applications help organizations connect with their audience globally and enhance their business performance and productivity. Smartphones have become a powerful tool for businesses to connect and interact with their clients/customers in an easy automated way and hence, cross-platform (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.), and responsive applications are in great demand. iFour Technolab, a professional mobile application development company company in USA provides services for native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile application development across various platforms.

Why Xamarin?

The Xamarin platform was built on Mono, an open-source development platform based on the .NET Framework. Xamarin, a unique and natively compiled tool, uses C# and native libraries wrapped in the .NET layer to create high-performance applications with native experience specific to the mobile platform. It helps developers to create a platform-specific user interface code layer that provides a better native user experience compared to generic hybrid apps.

This platform has a tailored and automated process to handle issues during memory allocation, garbage collection, and platform interoperability. It allows developers to use and build their own app logic such as Portable Class Libraries (PCLs) like SQLite and JSON.NET on all platforms. Using Shared Project, developers can automatically share code and media across iOS, Android, and Windows phone platforms. The benefits of the Xamarin app development include:

  • One technology across all platforms - This platform does not require switching between the development environments. Developers can reuse most of the source code, thereby speeding up the project cycle. Xamarin IDE provides built-in cross-platform development tools at no additional cost.
  • Great performance - Cross-platform mobile applications built in Xamarin can be classified as native, unlike hybrid app solutions which are developed using web technologies. The Xamarin Test Recorder tool offers a complete solution for testing and tracking the application’s performance to identify issues before release.
  • Native user experience - It provides an interesting platform with respect to development as it has robust tools available for application development. It provides an easy start to new mobile ventures.
xamarin app development company
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Build a standard for your business with context-driven mobile applications

  • Xamarin cross-platform application development services

    Our highly-skilled team provides cross-platform application development services for platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows mobile using Xamarin.

  • Xamarin integration services

    We deliver customized and sustainable solutions with the right graphical user interface that reflects your company’s business processes and functionality.

  • Xamarin maintenance and support services

    Once you are ready to release your application, it is essential to ensure its availability and accessibility for the evolving business. We provide a dedicated support team for your Xamarin applications

We are an outstanding Xamarin app development company that provides high-quality and timely delivery, and cost-effective solutions that address your business goals and help you to accelerate your business growth. Here are the benefits of our unique solutions

  • Secure, scalable, and sustainable solutions - that fit your business and environment
  • Higher and faster business value realization - by saving the time required for platform-specific application development
  • Cost-effective - by building applications that work on multiple platforms with minimal resources

As a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner, iFour Technolab maintains a competent team of software experts. Clients can hire .NET developers to attain business traction in the IT market.



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FAQs for Xamarin Mobile App development

We are a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner having experienced, vetted, and certified professionals. With over 10 years of market experience and extensive subject knowledge, we offer top-notch Xamarin development services that help you stay ahead in the competition.

Xamarin is a popular framework and a preferred choice of experts for hybrid mobile app development. Combined with C#, and .NET, Xamarin enables you to reuse 95 % of the source code which eventually makes faster development. Some of the amazing features of Xamarin are cross-platform support, offers unified API, collection view, excellent performance, cost-effectiveness, etc.

iFour Technolab provides two ways to hire Xamarin developers. i.e., Hire a dedicated team and Hourly-based model.

Choose the best one that matches your business requirement.

  • Amazing user experience
  • Enables customization with fine scalability
  • Easy integration support
  • Increases value for your business
  • Helps to reach a broad range of audience
  • Low investments and high returns, and many more.

For more details, contact us now.

Our Xamarin developers have more than 4 years of experience in the field and can build incredible solutions for your business requirements.

Yes, we have brilliant mobile application developers who can deal with app integration services at your end.

Yes, we will provide you complete ownership rights for your Xamarin project soon after its release.

We have served these industry verticals with Xamarin app development - healthcare, finance, transportation and logistics, e-commerce, retail, hospitality, etc.

Our experts follow standard coding practices while project development. Our team and project manager conduct periodic code reviews and check every pull request before approval.

We use GitHub and Bitbucket to manage your project source code. It allows us to review pull requests, debugging, and bug fixes easily. However, we are open to using tools of the client’s choice.

With iFour Technolab, you do not have to worry about hidden charges. We offer high-quality Xamarin services within your budget and keep complete transparency during the project tenure.

At iFour, security is of paramount importance. We make every developer sign NDA and if required, we also sign NDA with clients to increase their confidence.

We offer 90-120 days of warranty based on your project’s size, features, modules, and components.

Solidify your business structure with leading-edge Xamarin services

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