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Mobile application development ideas by software company

Nowadays, Mobile application development is on another level due to technology proliferation and availability of resources like

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. There are various unique mobile apps in the market. But now, aim is to build applications which will be user friendly but also helpful to user in a real manner. Few of application ideas which help users to achieve their basic daily needs with ease are mentioned below

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  • Smart Restaurant Mobile Application

    Waiting is the most difficult part especially when it comes to food. We have a solution for this. When any customer enters in the restaurant and connects to restaurant’s WiFi, he/she can get menu on his/her phone. So there will be no need to wait for waiter to come and take order. One can place order through this app and can also pay the bill. They can also check approximate waiting time. Other than that there can be suggestions for the customers which food can be better to have with which food. 

  • Help You Mobile App

    This mobile app provides service on your doorstep for basic needs. By using this app user will be able to call for desired help like mechanic, electrician, plumber etc. Various helpers get registered and can get work. Eventually that will be beneficial for them. While for user they will get all the basic services online with ease. So, it will be a win-win situation for both of them. 
  • A Root Level File Manager Mobile App

    A root level file manager (for rooted devices) to let users see all the hidden files and make changes that are not harmful to the system. Rooted users want to make changes in their system and want to see hidden files as well, so one can make an application to let them do this easily. Also APK Analyzer can be added to analyze applications. Normal features like copy, cut, paste, search, sort, extract various file formats should also be there. Audio and video support, delete and manage applications, theme support, text editor, cloud integration, change file permissions etc. are required as well. 
  • Write Story Together Mobile App

    This is a Social + Entertainment App. This Mobile App provides a platform for users to present their imaginations through their writing skills. It is like a multiplayer game. One will start writing his story, after reaching certain limits of words someone else will continue his story. Total three users will write one story, as soon as third user complete his part of story, story will get published on feed (which will always be public). Other than that users can follow each other and can read stories written by them in their profile. 
  • Blood Donation Mobile App

    This mobile app provides platform to find nearest blood donor and to fulfill requirement of blood in minimum amount of time. User can donate or request for the blood. When user request for blood, app will send notification to every donor having the same blood group. User may also leave some message, with the request sent. App also provides guidelines(tips) about what to do to stay fit before and after the donation. 
  • Online Parking System Mobile App

    Drivers face difficulty to find parking space especially during the rush hours. This app will provide user friendly system which will help user to find a parking space by their phone only. User can also book their parking in advance. Online payment will also be accepted.
  • Farmer's Market Mobile App

    Farmer sells his products (vegetables, fruits, etc.) to dealers and dealers then sell it to us which in result doesn't give more profit to farmers. So, by making this app there will be two modules where farmer give his advertisement about his products and end users (people) can directly have the fresh products from the farm. 

  • Online Party Plot Booking Mobile App

    This app provides information about party-plots with their basic plans and charges. Customer can book any party plot from anywhere. It provides the facility to view photographs of different party plots. Users can search any detail easily. They can even rate and review party plots. One can book a party plot and at the same time he/she can also book other performers like mimicry actors, duplicate actors, live band and so on from this app. 
  • Pollution Equivalent Plantation Mobile App

    This application will estimate the number of trees to be planted to reduce the effect of pollution of a particular area. This app will detect the greenery part of land. Also current pollution rate will be detected of that area and will provide estimation that how many green trees should be planted in that particular area to have a pollution-free surrounding. 
  • Safety Mobile App

    Nowadays Crime rates are increasing. So everyone wants to be safe and alerted. But how can someone be alerted each and every second or every where they go? This app is solution for this problem. This app will contain database of wanted criminals as well as criminal activities in specified area which will be updated by users or professionals. Users will get notified with the list of wanted criminals of area whenever they enter in that particular area. In any emergency case, user can press the alert button which would inform the police and can sent location through GPS. 
  • Goal Sharing Mobile App

    We take new year's resolution on every 1st of January and forget about it in short period of time. This happens because we do not have enough motivation to reach our goals. In this app, user can choose which bad habit they want to leave or which goal they want to achieve like quit smoking, working out regularly, dieting and so on. Other users with similar challenges come together to support each other with right motivation and words. In every few days, app will remind user for his resolution, and user can also set his target period to achieve his short-term goal. App will send appreciation message whenever user accomplish his short-term goal. 
These are the basic and raw ideas which can be improved and worked upon to build mobile applications. For implementation details one can contact

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