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Custom Retail Software Development

Wholesalers or manufacturers sell a huge quantity of their product to retailers who in turn sell those products to the consumers. So, the chain starts from the wholesalers, after which the retailers come to the picture and finally the retailers make these products available to the consumers. This chain basically governs the entire market scenario.

As the retail industry is a very widely used sector by the customers, it also poses many business challenges:

Throughout the experience of iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd. in the retail industry, it has been successful in helping the clients to solve these challenges by delivering custom software projects.

Role of IT in the Retail industry

How iFour delivers business value

iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer custom retail software development company and

eCommerce solution provider in India,

specializes in providing custom software and eCommerce web portals for customers in retail sector. Our customers have been from all over the world and we have developed different solutions in eCommerce. The requirements of customers keep on changing due to the rapid change in industry demands. Hence, we have kept ourselves updated with the latest trends and technologies. The IT professional team in our company has great experience in various technologies and platforms with expertise in Microsoft technologies, PHP and mobile technologies.

Case Study

We have great experience in serving our customers with industry-wide solutions. With an

expert team of IT professionals,

we have undertaken some projects under the e-Commerce sector. These projects are:




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