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Custom Blockchain Software Development

The blockchain is a buzzword which has been trending across the IT industries these days. It’s a brainchild of a person named Satoshi Nakamoto whose identity is still a mystery. While both the terms Cryptocurrency and Blockchain go hand in hand, cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange which uses encryption techniques and Blockchain, on the other hand, can be viewed with three different aspects Business, Technical and Legal. From the technical side, Blockchain can be considered as a backend database that has a distributed ledger, like for accounting. On the business side, it’s an exchange network for transferring value between peers and from a legal point of view, It’s a mechanism that validates a transaction. Owing to the plethora of benefits offered by Blockchain, the entire world is falling all over itself to adopt this technology. Some of the eminent features of Blockchain includes.

iFour Technolab is a global service provider of IT solutions predominantly focusing on emerging and cutting-edge technologies. The blockchain is one such technology where the company is already making a headway. Our Blockchain technical expertise has left no stone unturned in providing a quality service to our clients. We are one of those few leading custom blockchain development companies in India which promise to provide our customers Blockchain as a service (BAAS) and give them a value for money.

There is a preconceived notion about Blockchain being confined only to the financial services. However, this is out and out a misconception. Apart from banking, Blockchain has made its way into Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Supply chain, Entertainment and various other industries. We believe that Blockchain has the potential to transform the existing business models and invent new forms of businesses in a profound way. In our endeavour to explore all the potential applications of Blockchain in different sectors, iFour team is working tirelessly day in and day out. With our holistic and consistent approach, we are always successful in giving our clients the best IT services be it Blockchain or any other software solution.

Currently the company is majorly working on Ethereum platform which is a public Blockchain. So far, we have successfully implemented Healthcare and Finance Blockchain and our happy clients are the Testimony. We truly believe in converting Ideas into actions. Some of our Blockchain offerings include

Custom Blockchain mobile and software

iFour is pioneer in custom blockchain software and mobile development using highly skilled Blockchain and mobile resources that accelerates your business growth.

Blockchain Consulting

We offer a strategic advice on whether the Blockchain technology is apt for a particular business. if so then, we assure a smooth implementation of Blockchain.

Cryptocurrency (ICO)

Growth in private launching of ICO has been exponential after a big success of Bitcoin. iFour Technolab provides ICO consulting and implementation services giving priority to customer requirements using the best of technological options available and highly skilled Blockchain resources.

DApp development

We build powerful decentralized applications using Blockchain technology. These applications have a reach far beyond financial and payment services including social networking, advertising, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial Intelligence.

Hyperledger service

By offering open source Blockchain like Hyperledger, we aspire to create a collaborative software development approach which ensures transparency, durability, Interoperability and security in various business applications like finance, banking, Internet of Things, manufacturing and retail, supply chain etc.

Smart contract Development

Smart contract plays an instrumental role in unlocking the potential of Blockchain. The technology is now being used to support plenty of applications apart from digital currency. Veteran developers at iFour Technolab help our clients by catering to their business needs through efficient smart contract development.

The blockchain is expected to achieve a market value of approximately 2312 US billion dollars by 2020.Ginni Rometty has truly said that what the internet did for communications, Blockchain will do for trusted transactions.




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