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FAQS for WooCommerce E-commerce solutions

Providing a fabulous user experience has become a major factor in the success of an online store. Hence, considering this our e-commerce developers would help you with plug-in services to enhance your e-commerce sites.

Through the use of an impeccable software platform called GitHub, we manage the source code version code of the WooCommerce project.

iFour is dedicated to its outstanding services. Following are the maintenance and support services for the WooCommerce portal:

  1. Software and other installations, managing software upgrades
  2. Technical support
  3. Migration performance optimization
  4. Handling security-based concerns
  5. Data recovery and backup management

Being a trusted e-commerce development company, we completely follow the standards of ISO 9001:2015 to ensure software quality. In addition to that, our professional testers perform manual testing on every core unit of your website and ensure it is working properly.

Yes, we do provide around 90-120 days of the warranty period and it is dependent on your WooCommerce project size, modules, complexity, features, etc.