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Shopify Ecommerce Solutions Provider

Shopify Ecommerce Solutions Provider

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Looking for an online store within a short time and budget? Shopify is the right choice for a quick, easy and reliable platform for online stores.

Shopify is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Shopify takes full responsibility for developing computer software for online businesses and retail sales systems. Shopify helps you sell to all the customers, online, through social media or through a multi-channel sales platform. iFour Technolab, a professional Shopify eCommerce Solution Provider in USA, helps the clients accelerate their outsource business growth by providing high-quality, custom e-commerce solutions. Shopify helps you to save time and lessen the burden by maintaining servers, paying for hosting and also handling the payment gateway. So, entrepreneurs only have to run the business and sell their products.

Being known as the best-in-class Shopify eCommerce agency and Offshore firm in USA, iFour Technolab has joined the hands with Shopify, an outstanding and reliable online store partner. We offer comprehensive services such as Online store setup with Shopify, it’s installation, Customization of Themes, Mobile App Development, Quality Analysis, setup Migrations, Front-end and Back-end services with Maintenance, etc.

Why Shopify Solutions for distinctive eCommerce domain?

Cultivate Your eCommerce Store

Shopify, a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform has alleviated innumerable business professionals to set up and execute an online store right away without agonizing about technology. It provides a malleable and powerful feature-rich experience which can precisely comply with the variant online marketplace requirements of modern SMEs and vast Enterprises.

Some of the very common advantages are:

  • Affordable: First priority for any kind of Startup is to keep nominal costs. Therefore, Shopify takes care of this cost part very efficiently.
  • Presenting a visually appealing view to the users: The look and feel of any online platform is also very important. Shopify helps developers and designers to build a unique and customized storefront.
  • Shopify has the right marketing tools: Marketing is another aspect that start-ups have to take care of. Shopify has spectacular marketing tools which are very efficient and effective with advanced analytics. Its basic SEO packages help start-ups tell how their customers are finding them.
Shopify offers intriguing features and benefits as follows:
  • Shopify is a hosted solution and makes you free of server maintenance headache.

  • Shopify presents a fully-featured website CMS that offers end-to-end store features like checkout, payment gateway integrations, product management, and order management.

  • Hundreds of apps are available for ready use

  • 100+ Professional themes

  • Shopify powers over 80,000 successful stores

  • Ever advanced state-of-the-art security

  • Total control over your site’s design and is fully customizable

  • Mobile and cross-browser compatibility

  • 24/7 Support over email and phone

  • Reasonable pricing options that help in easy running of the business

  • Entrepreneurs only have to run the business and sell their products. Though there are lots of shopping cart options, Shopify has several advantages.

Our extravagant Shopify Development Services iFour delivers proficient eCommerce solutions

Shopify provides many essential marketing tools such as discount codes, custom gift cards, social network integration, targeted email marketing, store statistics & a coupon engine. Some of the features that it provides in its tools are:

Some of the very common advantages are:

  • Inserting product images
  • Inventory management
  • Categorizing photos
  • Discount code engine
  • Developing web pages and blogs
  • Track customer and order details
  • Accept payments in different modes and from different countries.
  • Creation of customer accounts
  • Customer sorting for a better understanding of the customers
  • Employee login facilities
Shopify services offered by us:

iFour Technolab, a premier Shopify eCommerce solution provider and a Shopify partner helps the client in successfully delivering the solutions with our experienced and expert team. We offer extraordinary services for Shopify e-commerce solutions that empowers a magnificent touch to your eStore.

  • Online store development using Shopify

  • Shopify Theme Design

  • Provides dedicated Shopify Developer or resources

  • Shopify store Customizations and enhancement

  • Shopify Plugins & Add-ons development

  • Shopify Store Maintenance and support

Why choose us?

Strengthen Shopify development solutions for renovating eCommerce Landscape Worldwide

There is a genuine reason for selecting iFour Technolab because we have Shopify certified professionals with great exposure in Bespoke Shopify design and development projects. We include experienced Project Managers, dedicated Shopify App developers that keep the focus on Goal-oriented workflow to achieve business targets. Quality Assurance is another brick of success for us. No matter what type of standard business it is, we always offer our design and development services to the global clientele with high quality and fits very well in the pocket of all firms (small, medium and large firms).

To get your Business requirements done, just hire our meritorious team of Shopify experts who are known for technical excellence and dedication and get instant help. We deal our services with responsive designing as well as building top-class personalized e-stores for all the Businesses. To deliver mobile-centric and reliable Shopify e-Stores, our professionals follow best coding practices.

iFour Technolab enterprise has an expert, excellent and reliable team of dedicated WPF developer, ASP.Net Core developer, NodeJS developer & Angular developerto provide many eye-catching and versatile services that eventually make your business reach successful heights.

Key advantages of using our services:

Goal Oriented Work-flow1
Dedicated Shopify Team2
Competitive Pricing Model3
Top performance and best transparency4
Business value5
Swift results6
Accelerated Delivery7
Scalability & Compatibility8
Our Agile Approach
iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd.
FAQs for Shopify e-commerce web development services:

Shopify is one of the top recommended e-commerce platforms. It is known for setting up the stores and selling the products or goods with minimal configuration. Just by implementing an advanced Shopify homepage section matching exactly with business requirements, you can easily make a huge amount of selling for your products. This leads to a great rise in ROI and powers your business strategy. The following are the benefits of Shopify:

  1. Easy to set up and utilize: Shopify is an easy to setup platform with a complete solution. The best part is - the platform itself provides software and hosting solutions that are required while launching a website. The Admin and UI panels are so user-friendly and instinctive that anyone could smoothly make use of it.
  2. Fascinating Online store: You will find a lot of professional templates that are bundled up in the platform which facilitates us to create visually-stunning and appealing kinds of online stores. Designers and Developers can make use of their experience and ideas to fuel the online store with rich UI and outstanding UX.
  3. App integrations: You can make amazing customizations with it as it can be integrated with apps very efficiently. The seller could easily add extra-ordinary features and functionalities to increase the value.
  4. Security and reliability: Security always stays at top priority no matter what kind of website it belongs to. Because it deals with very sensitive information and confidential data of clients and customers. These two features have highly cared with its hosted solution which also takes care of maintenance and upgrades.
  5. Great loading speed: The reliable infrastructure including software and optimized hardware makes the loading speed of the platform absolutely magnificent.
  6. Powerful Marketing tools: Shopify platform facilitates SEO features along with advanced e-commerce analytics. It also offers many spectacular marketing tools like discount coupons, targeted email marketing, statistics, gift cards, and many more.

Yes, we do offer top-class Shopify app development services to global clients. In fact, iFour Technloab is recognized as one of the top Shopify ecommerce solution providers in USA that provides fantastic services with high-quality.

As we know among the most recommended e-commerce platforms by e-commerce web development companies, Shopify is considered at the top level. With a bunch of extra-ordinary feature support along with an outstanding customization facility, it helps a business person to implement their own online selling store, which would also be highly scalable and flexible. Not just these, they can make the selling of their products directly on their website, marketing them on various social channels and increase the value of their business.

Obviously yes. In fact, we will always stay connected to the client to discuss and grab the suggestions according to their needs on the website. We never use the old box look templates for your ecommerce website development. Our meritorious designers and Shopify developers work on your business site to give a refined look with mind-blowing functionalities to attain success in the market.

Frontend also plays a splendid role as backend functionality does. Because it is the first thing that any customer or visitor will look and impel himself to browse. If you have great functionality inside and poor UI template, then the whole effort of making your business could become worthless. So looking at this factor, iFour suggests the following way to choose the right template.

  1. Features you aim to have in your store: Website features are the game-winning factor for any website. So make a deep insight and decide the features that are highly impactful for your store. List down the features and describe them narrowing down the template.
  2. Homepage style: Homepage is the door of your e-commerce website. Every visitor notices it very keenly, so make sure you have chosen the template that could possibly capture their interest. Depending on your goals decide the sliders, images, guiding videos, etc.
  3. Smooth navigation: Make sure that your e-commerce website has smooth navigation and fast loading. Remember this is important because the customer visiting bounce rate purely depends on these factors.
  4. Besides all these, check out the colors and fonts of your site template, that must go with your brand.

This Shopify e-commerce web development company follows the below steps to develop an e-commerce website using Shopify:

  1. Creation of Shopify account
  2. Adding products to the catalog
  3. Customizing the Shopify online store according to the business requirements
  4. Domain setup
  5. Activation of a Payment processor

Shopify Plus enables fast-growing and enterprise-level merchants to build fully hosted and SaaS e-commerce platform at cheap rates. With unlimited sales and features facility, store merchants can enjoy great benefits with it. The following are the major features that could possibly help any enterprise in building effective solutions:

  1. Limitless bandwidth
  2. Around 10000 checkouts per minute
  3. Four million hits per second
  4. Level 1 PCI DSS complaint
  5. 99% uptime
  6. Unlimited transactions
  7. More than 40 migration tools support

Yes, it is absolutely secure and safe. Being certified with Level 1 PCI DSS standard, it includes data encryption tools, virus prevention at server, Shopify payment transfer protection, risk analysis tools, constant security monitoring.

You can provide options like Cash on demand, Credit cards, PayPal, Money Orders, etc. These are acceptable alternatives for Shopify.

Creating a Merchant account enables you to have the customer purchased items on the online store done by credit card. This account handles the transaction that occurs between your store and the bank. In case the one who doesn’t want to go with the creation of a merchant account, then another alternative for transaction purpose is PayPal.

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