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FAQS for Yii Web Development

Yii is a PHP framework that is flexible yet pragmatic. It helps with in-direct customizations, clean layouts to get tremendous traffic to our site, in-depth documentation support, caching related solutions, etc. It is simple, fast, safe, and highly performant exactly fitting the needs of a website. With its outstanding features, we can also implement inventive web 2.0 apps. Some excellent features of Yii include – AJAX-enabled widgets, strong security options, MVC architecture with validations support, rapid code generation with CRUD, localization, inbuilt authorization and authentication, etc.

Obviously yes. We will provide you the credentials of our local server especially used for in-house developments. By this, you can check the status of your project.

Over the years, iFour Technolab has turned out to be one of the remarkable web development firms of India. Our Yii based services include -

  1. YII Web development services
  2. YII Modules and plugin development
  3. Yii Portal development
  4. YII Customization solutions
  5. Application development services
  6. Migration services

Yes, we have a tremendous team of technical engineers that provides impeccable maintenance and support services to the client. They resolve the technical concerns of the customers through troubleshooting solutions and L2 support with the ticket creation process.

Depending on your Yii web development project size, components, features, modules, etc. we offer about 90-120 days of warranty.