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< Our ASP.NET C# web development services indulge to an extensive array of industries/>

.NET framework represents many object-oriented design disciplines and code innovations that have become famous business application development over the last decade. The iFour in-house team focuses on adapting trends in Microsoft technologies with the use of a web application framework that implements a Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern, to enable rapid, error-free application development to solve the specific business problem. Our professional team of Microsoft specialists uses industry best practices to ensure our solution meets the client’s enterprise portal needs while allowing their IT resources to remain focused on the organization's main business.

To make an edge over the competitors, clients can contact our dedicated team and hire ASP.Net web developer who provides an effective way of solutions right from the scratch till the end of the project. iFour Technolab implements the best software pattern and best practices of architecting, designing and development approaches with competency in choosing Microsoft servers, browser technology, Mobile and Cloud services. iFour Technolab, a trusted Custom software development and outsource web development company in India, helps clients leverage the latest Microsoft technologies for enhancing their business growth and sustainability.

Why ASP.NET C# Web Development Services are essential?

Dynamic platform which helps you to digitize your business

Microsoft technologies have the advantages of performance, stability, and security to support the organization in achieving this aim. Also, the fast implementation and customer’s ease of access is a key point to use Microsoft solutions, which is essential for today’s business environment. This means clients get faster time to market while maintaining technological advantage by lowering the cost of total software life cycle development.

While it’s important to move on with the digital era, we preferably use the latest version of .Net Framework available in the market that supports extraordinary features which helps to design, develop, run and deploy different kinds of applications such as Windows, Web, Desktop application, Mobile applications, Windows Forms applications, Windows Presentation Foundation, WPF, etc. It also benefits us with distributed computing architecture.

Our high-end ASP.NET C# Web Development Service

Enhance top-notch, reliable and high-performance solutions using our services

Having years of experience, the outsourcing firm has provided effective solutions to its clients and fuelled many start-ups with its .NET core services. iFour Technolab renders software development solutions globally that include full spectrum of Microsoft technology stack for web, desktop, distributed and mobile applications.

  • ASP.Net Software Development - Server-side web application framework allows the developer to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.

  • C# - Object oriented .Net programming language.

  • Window Presentation Foundation (WPF) - Presentation framework for building visually stunning user interface for windows web and desktop applications.

  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) - A framework with pack of APIs used for developing service-oriented applications that deals with asynchronous message transmission.

  • Active Directory - Directory services that deal and manage access control for all users and computers in a Windows domain network.

  • Internet Information Services - It is a Windows server software package that deals with hosting of websites. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP and NNTP.

  • Microsoft SharePoint - It is a document management tool that deals with the integration of Microsoft Office.

  • MS SQL server - Relational database management system with primary function of storing and retrieving data on application request.

  • Microsoft AZURE - Growing collection of integrated cloud services for managing applications and services through global networks of Microsoft managed data centers.

  • ADO.Net - Data access technology that programmers use to access data and data services from the database.

  • Microsoft Silverlight - It is used to develop Windows Phone related applications. Using this platform, we can also run, write and deploy the rich internet applications.

  • Enterprise library - It is a set of programming libraries and tools for Microsoft .Net framework.

To cope up with any sort of development, Microsoft had implemented a framework which usually runs on Windows and provides extensive development solutions using various kind of programming languages like C#, C++, VB.Net, F#, Oz, etc.

iFour Technolab provides the following services with Microsoft technologies:

Custom Software Development: Desktop and Web
Product development with Microsoft technology including its maintenance and technical support
Bespoke Integrations with Third-party tools
CRM configuration and customization with .Net resources
VSTO Add-in development
Hybrid Mobile App Development using Xamarin and Telerik AppBuilder
Custom eCommerce Solution
And Software Maintenance
Why hire us?

iFour provides distinctive solution tailored to your needs

iFour, a premier web development company in india, offers a customer-centric solution from small to large enterprises with the ability of integration to ERP and CRM. iFour Technolab provides solutions for B2B, B2C, and B2E using Microsoft Stack. We have a rich experience in Microsoft technologies, iFour not only renders software applications but also provides the customized Microsoft Office Add-in to the clients. We have worked on and delivered various applications, systems, and software with Microsoft Office Add-in to enhance time and cost-efficiency.


Clients across all the following sectors have realized immediate returns while ensuring long term competitive advantages by iFour’s IT services based on Microsoft technologies:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Finance
  3. Education
  4. Aviation
  5. Finance
  6. Legal
  7. Construction
  8. Environment
  9. Transportation and logistics

No matter how extraordinary your attributes inside an app are, but if it is not user-friendly it never gets success in the market. After all, the Application’s Front-end also has equal importance as that of its back-end functionality. Hence, we also deal with front-end services that display fascinating UI/UX designs for an app with easy to use features.

With help of our technical domain experts across Microsoft Technologies, we ensure project deliverables are highly responsive to the client’s market needs and successfully executed and developed reliable, reusable and sustainable solutions that help in a continuous increase in customer's efficiency and competitiveness.

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Benefits of using our services:

User friendly features1
Scalability and flexibility2
Inventive solution set3
Domain Expertise4
Instant content updates5
Customized Services6
Highly cost-Effective7
Stability and Transparency8
Flexible Engagement Models9
IP Protection and high security10
Our Agile Approach
iFour Technolab Pvt. Ltd.
FAQs for Microsoft Technology services:

iFour Technolab, an esteemed Asp.Net web development company has a dexterous and highly talented team of developers who can assist you with Microsoft technologies like:
Asp.Net, Asp.Net Core, Dot Net MVC, C#, MS SQL Server, WCF, WPF, IIS, Active Directory for Windows domain network, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Silverlight, etc. is a popular Microsoft framework used for building dynamic websites and next-generation applications. Due to its impeccable features, it still remains as a primary choice for many clients. The best part of this Framework is that you can make use of different languages like C#, J#, VB, Visual C++, etc. combined with scripting languages. Below are the reasons why it is a desirable framework for web development -

  1. When compare to interpreted scripts, these applications execute faster. The reason is that before displaying result on the web browser, it processes all the codes to the windows server. Hence it is also called server-side technology.
  2. Due to the magnificent features of like JIT compilation, native optimization, early binding, caching services, etc., the applications would have fabulous performance.
  3. It enables you to build seamless web applications using a variety of languages on a common platform. Hence it is a language-independent platform.
  4. The support for XML, CSS, web standards adds more strength to it.
  5. With the spectacular support of view state, you can easily handle automatic maintenance state among the controls.
  6. Vast reduction in line of codes.
  7. No need to bother about type specification conversions while method calling in Asp.Net web application.

Below given are the tools that are recommended by esteemed C# web development companies and one should have knowledge about:
NuGet, ELMAH, Microsoft Web platform installer, Web essentials for Visual Studio, BenchmarkDotNet, Chocolatey, NDepend, ReSharper, SQLComplete, Visual Studio Gallery, LINQPad, PowerShell, JSON Formatter.

The major advantage you can find with the Asp.Net Core framework is - it is compatible with all the platforms like Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Besides, it has excellent support for testability and provides awesome performance to web applications. More importantly, the utilization of asynchronous patterns makes it even faster. This open-source framework supports code-reusability features and offers fabulous security to web applications.

Microsoft has implemented a WPF framework for building desktop applications. By making use of the WPF framework, you can build astonishing and visually appealing desktop applications with fabulous functionality. Previously, it was done using WinForms, but the release of WPF has changed the game. It was implemented with extraordinary feature support like XAML, controls, styles, documents, media, animations, UI graphics, security, data-binding, etc. which are lacking in WinForms. The language which is used for this purpose is C#. This language is highly preferred when there is a need for rapid customization.

WPF uses the MVVM (Model View View-Model) pattern while working with desktop app development. One of the functional advantages of this is - you can efficiently make loose-coupling.

Generally, a CMS is a type of software program that allows us to write, edit, publish, and maintain the content from a central interface. It is greatly helpful in managing the workflows under a collaborative environment probably by using certain procedures. Following are the popular Asp.Net Content Management Systems available for content management:

  1. Umbraco
  2. DNN (Dot Net Nuke)
  3. Kentico CMS
  4. mojoPortal
  5. Sitefinity
  6. Sitecore
  7. Orchard
  8. Composite C1

Ado.Net is one of the most essential components of the Asp.Net framework. Because without this, you cannot connect to the database and work on its data. Now talking about the fundamental objects, they are as follows.

  1. DataSet
  2. DataReader

ExecuteScalar: It is used where your SQL query needs to return a single value.
ExecuteReader: It returns the set of rows after the execution of a command object.
ExecuteNonQuery: It is used to execute SQL queries and returns the number of rows that are affected (by insert, update, or delete). It never returns any data.

Just as we have a ContentPlaceHolder in webforms of Asp.Net, we have RenderBody in MVC.Net.
It is used to render child views or pages and it exists in the layout page of the project.

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