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FAQS for CloudBoost Complete Serverless Platform

Needless to say, that Cloud Boost Serverless platform has turned out to be a trending platform among business points and companies. It provides outstanding benefits like resolving storage issues, helps in building real-time applications, ties components and services together through reliable queues, offline support, search engine implementation with Cloud Search, etc.

Yes, iFour Technolab has professional experts that provide third-party integration services with flawless solutions.

iFour Technolab provides fabulous services to top industry verticals. Hence it keeps a strong focus on security. We have meritorious Network Engineers that maintain password-protected mechanisms for the portals and development environments. Only project-related developers would be given access. Apart from that, they monitor network state and use indispensable tools like Firewalls, Antivirus, etc. to eliminate the breaches.

Yes, we will provide you the credentials of our cloud-based server where your project was stored. Through that, you can check and review all the updates of your software project.

Yes, our meritorious technical support engineers handle technical complaints of customers through L2 support and provide instant solutions with troubleshooting services. For major concerns, they follow the ticket creation process and provide timely solutions.