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FAQS for CakePHP Web Development

CakePHP is a free and open-source PHP framework that helps developers with rapid web developments. It has some splendid features that could revamp the websites with outlasting functionalities. Some of them are – Built-in validation, flexible licensing, Localization, App Scaffolding, CRUD operations with DB interaction, MVC structural pattern, View Helpers for HTML, AJAX, JavaScript forms, session and cookies management, etc.

iFour has achieved spectacular value in the market for its sustainable and trustworthy services. Our sustainable CakePHP related services are:

  1. CakePHP Web Development services
  2. CakePHP Application development services
  3. CakePHP Web Portal Development services
  4. CakePHP Customization services
  5. CakePHP Platform migration services

Yes, we would love to help you with data migration services from the traditional database. Firstly, our PHP web developers would examine the structure of your old database and existing data. Based on the result, they will provide you a right matching solution for it.

Certainly! iFour Technolab has experienced PHP developers who could deal with third-party integration services.

Depending on your CakePHP website project size, modules, plugins, features, functionalities, etc., we provide a warranty period of around 90-120 days.