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Eliza Sadler - September 08, 2021

Cybersecurity Statistics for 2021

Table of Content 1. Covid-19 cybersecurity statistics 2. Cybersecurity statistics related to data breaches 3.Cybersecurity statistics related to phishing 4.Cybersecurity statistics related to malware and ransomware 5. Conclusion The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic did cause many negative consequences. One of these consequences that has sadly not been heralded as much as it should is the massive increase in cybercrimes. During the pandemic, there was a rise in email...


iFour Team - September 07, 2021

Factors to increase the trust of the visitors for your online business

Table of Content 1. Make sure users know are safe on your site 2. Transparent with user 3. Badges on your site 4. Educate Rather Than Promote 5. Stand behind your work and show credentials 6. An appropriate and well-designed web site 7. Provide as much information as you can 8. Strengthening social media presence & getting listed in online directories 9. Look at your online business 10. Reviews and testimonials 11. Share Your Expertise 12. Multiple Key Fundamentals...


iFour Team - September 03, 2021

Tips to Manage Technical Debt in Software Development

Table of Content 1. Debt communication 2. Must have a plan from the beginning 3. Must reorganize software development strategy 4. Communication and honesty 5. Treat it like any other product requirement 6. Conclusion Technical debt is defined as the intentional delay of bug fixes to focus on new feature development in the project. This is done just to hit the launch dates of incremental software while ignoring project’s iterative development. To understand it...


Nensi Gondaliya - September 02, 2021

A simple guide on Unit testing in Angular

Table of Content 1. What is Unit Testing? 2. Why do we use unit testing in Angular? 3. Why is unit testing important? 4. How do you write an Angular test? 5. How to perform a unit test in Angular? 6. How to test an Angular service? 7. How to test an Angular component? ...


iFour Team - August 31, 2021

How to judge software developer or web developer's performance?

Table of Content 1. Customer's satisfaction 2. Measured by the honesty 3. Code based or process based metric can be gamed 4. Skills can be learned, Attitude is inherent 5. Ask feedback from customers 6. Multiple important factors 6.1. Production Effectiveness 6.2. Speed 6.3. Code quality 6.4. Communication 6.5. Code Review 6.6. Responsibility 6.7. Technical proposals 7. Do’s and Don’ts 8. Qualitative signs of a great developer 8.1....


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