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Top 10 Emerging Technology Trends for Entertainment Industry

As time went on, we have witnessed an unbelievable change in the Entertainment industry.Earlier, people used to spend their quality time with their friends and family sitting around the campfire. Today,with rapid advancement in technology, the television had become a main base of entertainment. No sooner had it got trended, Smartphones caught an astonishingpace in the market. Table of Content 1. Reduced studio overhead 1.1. Reduced studio overhead 1.2. Accelerated...

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New Features in Typescript 4.2

Microsoft recently announced the availability of TypeScript 4.2 Beta. The new version adds a number of new features and improvements to TypeScript. Table of Content 1. What is Typescript? 2. New features of the typescript 2.1. Rest elements in Tuple Types 2.2. Smarter type Alias Preservation 2.3. Template Literal Expressions have Template Literal Types 2.4. Stricter checks for the in operator 2.5. Abstract Construct Signatures 3....

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Introduction to Azure SDK Architecture

The Azure SDKs are collections of libraries that are built to make it easier to use Azure services from your choice of language. These libraries are designed to be compatible, communicative, diagnosable, reliable, and idiomatic. In this blog, we will see some of the architectural choices made by Azure SDK. These new libraries focus on productivity. There are many forms in this productivity like: Creating a raw network request to a service, rich type system is also offered by the...

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7 Ways to Sell Your Products Online to grow your Business

Table of Content 1. Selling Online; A Necessity for businesses to Survive COVID 2. Seven Ways to Sell Your Products Online to grow your Business 2.1. Choose how you want to sell online? 2.2. Figure out an Online Selling Strategy based on your online business platforms 2.3. Set up your online store's Layout 2.4. Implement Marketing Strategies 2.5. Selling through Email Marketing 2.6. Networking with Other Busnesses 2.7. Quality Content...

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Getting Started with Angular Animations

Animation offers the illusion of motion: HTML elements change the styling through time. Well, designed animations can make your application more fun and easier to use, but they are not just decorative. Animations can improve your app with user experience in several methods: Table of Content 1. Getting Started 2.1 Step 1: Enabling the animations module 2.2 Step 2: Importing functions of animation into component files 2.3 Step 3: Adding the Metadata property of...

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