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Grant Polachek - October 12, 2021

How to Use Cutting Edge Technology to Grow Your Business in 2021

Table of Content 1. Here's How to Grow Your Business with Cutting-Edge Technology 1.1Use Technology to Understand Your Business and Customers 1.2Use Technology to Engage Your Customers Online 2. Technology is the Easiest Path to Progress From the dawn of time, human civilization has constantly relied on superior technology for survival, growth, and expansion. Just the same way humanity relies on technology, businesses also depend on technology. We saw...


iFour Team - October 11, 2021

Scrum vs. Kanban: An In-Depth Comparison

Table of Content 1. What Is Scrum? 2. What Is Kanban? 3. What Are the Key Differences Between Scrum and Kanban? 3.1.Workflow 3.2.Metrics 3.3.Meetings 3.4.Goals 3.5.Planning 3.6.Work Division 3.7.Deadlines 4. What Are the Advantages of Scrum? 5. What Are the Disadvantages of Scrum? 6. What Are the Advantages of Kanban? 7. What Are the Disadvantages of Kanban? 8. Which Framework Is the Best for Your Organization? 9. Conclusion In product...


iFour Team - October 06, 2021

4 VR Platforms for Aspiring Game Creators

Table of Content 1. VR is deeply immersive 2. Virtual reality is designed for creative freedom 3. Virtual reality is changing social media 3.1. Unity 3.2. Unreal 3.3. OpenVR SDK 3.4. VRTK - Virtual Reality Toolkit 4. Conclusion VR is so valuable to marketers because it strongly connects with the customer and is increasingly becoming a social experience. VR immerses consumers in a wholly unique fashion that renders them to the projections of a virtual...


iFour Team - October 04, 2021

Which technology is better AngularJS or ReactJS for frontend development?

Table of Content 1. AngularJS 2. ReactJS 3. Both are Valuable & Important 4. Conclusion Several front-end frameworks are available in the market each with its own set of strengths and limitations. This makes deciding which one you should spend time in learning or which is best suited to your next project. React JS and AngularJS are two of the most widely used frameworks for developing websites. Their comparison is also a big subject on the internet. Because they...


iFour Team - October 01, 2021

B2B Ecommerce Trends Characteristics for Growth

Table of Content 1. Top B2B Ecommerce Trends For 2022 1.1. Emulating the B2C experience for B2B 1.2. The Rise of Marketplace B2B Ecommerce 1.3. Increased Use of Mobile Ecommerce 1.4. Personalized B2B Experiences 1.5. Direct To Consumer Channels 1.6. Embracing Multi-Channel Ecommerce 1.7. Quicker B2B Order Fulfillment 2. Key Takeaway The B2B industry is rising, and rising fast. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic showed signs of slowing, retailers,...


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